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Our award-winning True SaaS Platform supports the full spectrum of Environmental, Health, Safety and Quality Functionality

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The Cority Platform integrates common functionality across our main EHSQ solutions. Delivered through a single code-set, this approach helps you amplify your business outcomes by integrating EHSQ into your core operations. You can realize the benefits of integrated data and workflows with similar user experiences and reduce the burdens of managing multiple solutions.

cority platform

Cority’s platform is configurable and includes multiple modules that work together to manage the compliance, safety, and security of your EHSQ information. They include:

Audit trails that capture all changes made to records within the application

Automated workflows and notifications that promote productive, standardized workflows and ensure accurate and complete communication between EHS professionals, departments, and employees.

Business rules to control how data is entered in the system and what happens when the data is entered.

Configuration tools that offer the flexibility to tailor Cority to your unique organizational processes and requirements. Companies can opt to use out-of-the-box workflows to drive a faster ROI and implement according to industry best practices.

Data retention management which allows administrators to set up business rules to archive and purge records based on specified time criteria.

Multi-level organizational structure that allows mirroring of your EHSQ configuration based on HR or other organizational hierarchy and referencing to different structures for the ultimate slicing and dicing of data for reporting.

Cority offers robust functionality to support all users of the platform.


Cority automates the workflows that ensure your equipment’s reliability. It helps your organization manage equipment details in one place, streamline calibrations and inspections, track issues and corrective actions, and ensure compliance with licensing or permits.

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Cority automates and consolidates workflows associated with tracking the corrective actions. It promotes accountability and aids in corrective-action taking to foster better decision making and oversight.

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Convert paper surveys, risk assessments, sampling checklists, and inspections into online forms that can be completed using a mobile device. Questionnaires provide the ability for individuals to capture EHSQ data, link it to programs and initiatives in Cority, and share results with management.

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Reduce administrative burden and provide a standardized process for sharing information with patients, management, or regulatory agencies. Use Letters to discuss operational matters with regulators or provide medical referrals, test results, and follow-up instructions to employees after visits.


Form Mappers supports corporate record-keeping, policies, and procedures. It allows for the auto-populating of fields in any PDF document to expedite the completion of paper forms, while improving the accuracy and quality of data being collected.

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Control workplace hazards by building and harmonizing exposure groups across your organization for diverse EHSQ functions such as for medical monitoring, exposure assessments, training, etc. Streamline the way you manage employees with different exposure profiles, and take advantage of multiple layers of employee demographic information (ie department, location) to build exposure groups precisely and accurately.

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Unique to Cority, the Data Quality Score ensures the trust-worthiness of data and EHSQ program results. It offers a foundation for data hygiene programs, processes, and auditing initiatives. It also reduces the need for manual data scrubbing.

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Cority delivers a wide range of self-service analytics and reporting functionality. Your information is collected, presented, and analyzed in the way you prefer – through programs, dashboards, or standard reports. This helps you more effectively manage your workday, audit your EHSQ performance, and identify trends and opportunities for corrective action.

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Configurable settings allow Administrators to easily control the data and functionality for each user. They can define global security settings (only the administrator can change) and end-user security settings (designated end-users can update). Cority’s security settings will enable you to be compliant with global data security and privacy regulations.



Cority provides a range of solutions and data

services that help you integrate with

third-party solutions, devices, and other software

applications from across your enterprise.  Enhance, extend, and integrate the value of your data with Cority, and improve upon and minimize disruptions to existing workflows and operations.

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Integrate EHSQ, other enterprise (HR), Internet of Things, and 3rd Party government data to drive insight into the Analytics solution.

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The Cority Platform includes a robust translation engine allowing for core, standard, and specialty translations through Cority or corporate resources. Core supported languages are English, Spanish (Latin America), French and German.

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Whether you choose to deploy Cority as an integrated, enterprise-wide, packaged industry or standalone solution, we offer a strong foundational core to assist in translating positive EHSQ metrics into positive business outcomes.

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