• Create and define training/education sessions as meets your requirements
  • Automatically notify/recall employees for due or overdue training based on certification requirements and/or medical surveillance programs (see the Medical Surveillance Recalls module); run reports to monitor participation based on recall group
  • Track important course information on one record, including the session type, course subject matter, date, specific occupational need, department requesting the session, and number of attendees
  • For courses with small attendance, use an abbreviated ‘quick form’ to efficiently capture just the basic/most relevant course data
  • Easily add attendees to a course by demographics (job role, location, etc.) or occupational surveillance exposure group
  • Record all attendees who were expected to attend / who actually attended the course
  • Track grades and pass/fail data as applicable for each attendee
  • Manage cost recovery for a session by tracking preparation hours, travel/accommodation, presentation times, number of classes presented per day, hand-out materials, etc.
  • Create course batches for easy data entry (if the same course is repeated many times, you enter the course data once and then simply specify each date, or a recurrence)

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