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Cority’s Compliance Management solution is designed to help clients standardize and manage their EHSQ compliance in a single, unified platform


Document and standardize compliance management process and activities across your company.


Escalate incomplete actions and corrective actions up the management chain to reduce the risk of non-compliance with visual status and escalation of required and corrective actions.


Unify management of each obligation with Cority's closed-loop Compliance Plan.


Identify emerging Risks in your organization.


Streamline management and operations for regulations, permits, international standards (ISO 14001, 45001, and 31001, OHSAS 18001, ANSI Z10), company policies in one system

Go Beyond Compliance



Found throughout the Cority application, our Actions module is the foundation of how tasks are assigned and completed. Actions are linked to audit finding, incident investigations, inspections issues, and risk assessments to help your company stay compliant.



Centralize and standardize your EHS audits and eliminate spreadsheets, homegrown solutions, and email chains to verify corrective actions have been completed.



Eliminate paper-based forms and leverage our mobile application, myCority, to empower your employees to complete schedule or ad-hoc inspections and assessments no matter where they are.

risk management

Risk Management

Centralize and standardize all your various risk assessments, including job hazard assessments, process hazard assessments, and environmental aspects and impacts assessments.

event reporting

Event Reporting & Incident Management

Document and report EHSQ events in real-time with myCority, and properly manage these events with our Incident Management application to ensure regulators have been properly notified, root causes have been identified, and corrective actions have been assigned and completed.

Key Beneifts

Our compliance plan provides clients with a complete picture of their compliance obligations and related actions to reduce the risks of a non-compliance event.

Our configurable platform ensures clients can manage compliance based on their processes and procedures – no coding needed.

Leverage our partnerships with leading regulatory content providers, including Enhesa, RegScan and STP to help clients manage and maintain their library of applicable regulations to ensure personnel are managing to the most current regulations.

Automate key elements of your processes, including notifications and escalations, reports to management and executives, in-app notifications, SMS text messaging, language translations of free-text fields, popup notifications when users try to submit incomplete or inaccurate information.

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compliance management devices

Standardize and streamline your compliance management programs

Cority’s Compliance Management Solution is designed to help clients manage their EHSQ compliance in a single, unified platform. It supports a ‘management systems’ approach to risk and compliance within your organization. This legislative and regulatory compliance management software acts as a hub for all obligation activities to help you satisfy any management system requirements, as well as comply with various regulatory, corporate, and permit requirements. 

How Does The Compliance Management Software Module Work?

This application of our HSE compliance software offers several key features that will help you efficiently organize and manage compliance requirements. The features of this module are grouped as follows:

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Legal & Other Requirements

1. Efficiently build and understand your detailed obligations such as:
  • ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ANSI Z10, Regulations (OSHA, HSE, RIDDOR, etc.), Country or localized requirements, Corporate standards and requirements, Permits, Any other requirement that your organization subscribes to.
  • Create and track compliance actions corresponding to the requirement (one time or recurring).
  • Add checklists, notes, documents, etc. to the compliance item or action.
  • Connect compliance requirements to jobs within your organization through integration with the job inventory within the Risk Assessment module.
  • Utilise legal/other requirements to build needs assessments by location/area (i.e.: risk assessment priority, training needs, equipment testing, etc.).

Compliance Calendar

  • Manage all compliance activities from within one central compliance ‘home page’ and focus on priority actions.
  • Maintain a central, comprehensive view of all compliance actions, their statuses, and associated requirements.
  • Access and update any action record directly from within the main compliance management system calendar, without having to navigate to other sections of the application.


Integration Points

The Compliance management solution is integral in Safety, Environmental and Quality. It integrates with operational activities: :
"It's easy to use, collects the data you need to be in compliance and develop strategies to improve your EHS systems and programs."
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