Managing Restricted Substances Throughout the Full Product Lifecycle: Achieving Excellence in Safety, Stewardship and Compliance

Restricted Substances

How does your organization manage restricted substances? Do you currently have a governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) network or chemical policy in place? Do you know which elements are considered essential as part of a plan to ensure consistent compliance?

A GRC Network is an interconnected set of processes, rules, tools and systems to adopt, implement, manage and monitor integrated, organizational programs. This achieves safety and compliance throughout the product lifecycle and up and down the supply chain. Many senior risk and compliance managers rely on this type of managed approach.

Cority partners with Verisk 3E, as a strategic data partner to provide integrated workplace safety solutions that can be a vital part of an insightful GRC Network. At Verisk 3E’s recent virtual Engage’20 Regulatory Compliance Forum and User Conference, Kami Blake, Sr. Customer Success Expert, discussed the importance of developing a GRC Network and chemical policy and how to take an approach which focuses on processes and policy when managing restricted substances. She outlined which considerations should be made to ensure intelligent compliance across the product lifecycle, including within the workplace.

Six Elements of Product Lifecycle and Supply Chain Compliance

When thinking about product and safety compliance management, it is important to consider the requirements across the entire product lifecycle. It generally includes six elements that apply to most products, covering raw material inputs to product disposal and re-use. These elements are:

  • Vendor management
  • R&D
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods
  • Workplace Use
  • Disposal

For a detailed description of each element and what types of processes should be considered when managing restricted substances throughout the product lifecycle, watch the full video.

Additional Regulatory Resources to Check Out

For those who need to stay ahead of regulatory changes which impact their planning for each stage of the product lifecycle, Verisk 3E offers 3E Monitor™. This regulatory monitoring tool provides regulatory news plus expert analysis, tailored to the topics that matter to your business and delivered in the format and frequency that fit your needs. 

Watch the 3E Monitor training video.