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Unearthing the root causes and key contributing factors to predict and prevent incidents relies on clean data that can be modeled in real-time using intelligent models. The insights generated from these models can be used to provide direction on where to focus your efforts to have maximum impact – all without leaving Cority’s EHSQ platform.

Cority’s Analytics enables foresight to prioritize where to look and what to action first.

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Cority Analytics received the Readers’ Choice Award in
the Data Collection and Analysis (Predictive Analytics category) and OHS product of the year in 2018.

Cority’s Analytics offering solves the key challenges facing EHS professionals today when it comes to implementing an analytics program:

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Ensuring You Have Clean, Actionable Data

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Fact-based Support for Prioritization of Activities

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Foresight to Identify a Risk Before It Happens

Predict Employees’ Probability of Injury

Reduce the costs associated with workplace injuries and illnesses by using data models to help predict where the next event is most likely to happen, so you can take action to prevent it.

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Have Confidence in the Data They Use

Utilize Cority’s Data Quality Score to automatically manage data and audit data hygiene, reducing the need to assign resources for on-going scrubbing of data and boosting confidence in data that is presented.

Ensure Safety Programs Exceed Peer Benchmarks

Provides baseline functionality for benchmarking performance against peer groups by region and industry to ensure lagging indicators and KPIs are met.

Root Cause Analysis
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Investigation Approvals and Corrective Action Tracking

Assess Emerging Trends to Identify Potential Issues Early

Use advanced predictive insights to identify data trends that serve as an “early warning sign” of future problems, allowing you to tackle these issues proactively and reduce potential loss.

Analytics Modules

Cority Analytics was designed in conjunction with a Client Advisory Committee of organizations committed to improving EHSQ program outcomes, including Tri-State Generation and Transmission AssociationWhiting PetroleumSouthern Star Central Gas PipelineWestmoreland Coal CompanyShaw Industries Group, Inc.Toyota Engineering & Manufacturing America (TEMA), and Seattle City Light.

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A predictive analytics tool that continually assesses your collected data to provide immediate and actionable insights at the record level, removing the extra work of manually running reports to detect relevant data trends and patterns.

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Third Party Benchmark

Ensures lagging indicators are met and supports mapping of EHSQ programs against over 100 countries workplace safety data. Clients can compare their performance against aggregate, regional, and industry-specific data.

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Data Quality Score

Ensures the trust-worthiness of data and EHSQ program results – especially in legislative compliance and reporting. Offers a foundation for data hygiene programs, processes and auditing initiatives. Reduces need for manual data scrubbing.

“Cority has helped us standardize how we do investigations and by using analytics, it has improved the way we do safety by identifying where the problem is in real time, and take actions to prevent future incidents.”
Adam Pearson
TOYOTA Motor Manufacturing Company
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