How to Elevate Your EHS Strategy with CorAnalytics

Coranalytics - photo

We recently reviewed how data and analytics can enhance your EHS strategy and just how important it is in the modern EHS workplace. While use cases vary depending on which vertical of EHS your organization operates in, the analysis provided by modern analytics can be seen as a kind of storytelling tool – providing your C-suite guidance through predictive analytics, highlighting trends for staff members managing cross-national sites, or simply providing day-to-day pulse-checks on whether strategic goals are moving in the right direction. Whether your organization is already utilizing an analytics tool or currently looking for one, it’s important to find a tool that fits your organization’s needs and goals.  

In this blog, we’ll take a deeper look into Cority’s CorAnalytics solution and answer the following questions: 

  1. What is CorAnalytics?  
  2. What drove Cority to invest in an analytics solution?  

What is CorAnalytics? 

CorAnalytics is a powerful business insight, data visualization, and predictive analytics solution that embeds Qlik Sense, one of the world’s top BI engines. It offers a curated data set with simple to use and lightning-fast querying, filtering, and charting to empower EHS professionals to drive better business performance and create a data-driven enterprise. CorAnalytics goes beyond typical data tools to help businesses navigate and visualize their data. Some key features are: 

  1. Flexible and robust data security: By embedding your data into the security and hierarchy models of Cority, you increase your security and privacy. You can provide users with the data they need while staying in control of sensitive or restricted information.  
  2. Impactful visualizations: CorAnalytics allows you to better showcase professional, meaningful data with a full-featured presentation layer and a huge charting library. You can create, share, and distribute powerful, interactive dashboards to support executives, business leaders, and users.  
  3. Optimized for EHS data: Tuned for the unique challenges of EHS and Quality, CorAnalytics makes identifying root causes easier than ever before. You can predict and prevent incidents with clean data that can be modeled in real-time using intelligent models.  
  4. Self-service analytics for business users: With self-service analytics, EHS professionals can gain insights from data, even if you lack substantial analytics expertise. Enable your end users with the tools needed to access, visualize and explore data.  

Why did Cority invest in an analytics solution? 

Analytics is an essential topic in the market right now and we are seeing a lot of innovation. In 2021’s Verdantix survey on EHS budgets, EHS analytics topped the list for technologies planned to be rolled out. Over 70% of respondents were either planning to implement EHS analytics, or already had. 

There are a few factors at play here; including increasing data volumes, the rise of predictive analytics, and a growing recognition of the importance of data literacy. 

It’s no secret that EHS professionals are expected to work with increasingly larger data volumes, generating more reports with more detail than ever. This will only increase as EHS continues to become digitized; the adoption of mobile technology, wearables, APIs, and other integrations will see data volumes grow. Having more data means more valuable insights, but it also means more data must be managed and analyzed. 

The growing movement towards predictive analytics also shows EHS teams are looking for data to create actionable recommendations. In order to make sense of the data we have, and to glean meaning from it, we must know how to interpret and work with it. While data is becoming more prevalent within companies and is heavily leveraged to make decisions, there are still many folks who don’t know how to navigate data and BI tools. With that in mind, many companies are looking for tools that make interacting with data an easy, painless process.  

Having the right analytics tool to easily manage, analyze, and store your EHS data will increase your data quality, provide more actionable insights, and improve overall performance.