EHS Software Solutions for a Shifting Landscape

EHS Software Solutions

No corporation exists in a static state. Situations are always changing, whether due to new executives, regulatory shifts brought on by governmental changes, or adoption of the latest trendy approach to management.

Perhaps no department is more impacted by change than environmental health and safety. As we all strive to do better by our employees and our planet, old ways fall by the wayside to be replaced by newer, better methods of ensuring EHS compliance. Whether it’s new regulations or changing management styles, an EHS manager has to be able to adapt and quickly implement the latest policy updates.

Be Ready for Anything

Today’s executives expect things to get done almost the moment they think of it. When you’re tasked with making changes to environmental health and safety policy, you have to be ready to act immediately. There are EHS software solutions that can help you implement changes swiftly. Update policies and metrics from your dashboard, and the changes sync company-wide, so that everyone involved in implementing and enforcing EHS compliance can be on the same page.

Likewise, while government regulatory changes usually include a grace period, it’s important to get to work immediately in order to be fully compliant when the regulation goes into effect. EHS software solutions can help you create a timeline for the change, which can be shared with anyone in your organization who needs to be involved in the planning. It’s easy to set permissions to determine who can view, edit, or make admin-level changes to the plan.

Especially for major changes, it may also be beneficial to install management of change software. This specialized module automates the workflows associated with implementing wide-scale changes. It can track the progress, and the impact of the change, which gives you valuable metrics for determining whether a change is efficient and beneficial.

For All Aspects of Health and Safety

Quality EHS software solutions cover all aspects of corporate health and safety. From waste disposal, to ergonomics and occupation health systems, you want to be able to handle it all within one software suite. The key to being able to manage efficient change is to be able to see how all of the pieces are aligning, and seeing the wide-scale change that usually impacts every department of an organization.

The important thing is to have adaptable software. You don’t want to purchase a one-use solution to oversee one major change. You want a software solution that grows and changes with your business, and that will be ready to help you address the next regulatory change, and the one after that.

Our interconnected world makes it easier than ever to have software that updates when you need it to. It can be scalable to your organizational needs. You no longer need to deal with the frustration of using outdated hardware because it’s the only machine that your equally outdated software will run on. Today’s software is agile and adaptable. Many software suites even include a mobile app for updating in the field.

When changes happen, you want to be ready for it. Your software also needs to be ready for it.