Digital Transformation​- Taking Advantage of Centralization, Speed, and Transparency

Every year, thousands of organizations take steps toward digitizing their EHS programs. While the benefits of digital transformation are clear, the results are often inconsistent. After decades of helping organizations successfully transform their EHS processes and performance with technology, we have learned one immutable fact: having a clear vision and plan to guide to your digitization efforts is key.

Watch our Digital Transformation: Taking Advantage of Centralization, Speed, and Transparency webinar to learn critical steps to achieve project success. Cority EHS experts Carrie Young and Stuart Cook share:

  1. How our collective understanding of digital transformation has evolved over time, and what that means when designing and executing an EHS software implementation project.
  2. The advantages and challenges involved in bringing a digital EHS solution into your organization, and how it can change depending on organizational knowledge of digitization principles.
  3. The tools/techniques you need to ensure successful digital transformation and examples of how to leverage centralization, speed, and transparency in overall project management.

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