Operational Risk Management

Companies are facing challenges from every angle to ensure they are competitive and compliant. The need for an automated Business Process Management program – one that provides visibility across all operational areas and combines the functionality of environmental, health, safety and quality (EHSQ) – to identify and manage risk is a necessity.

Designed to work collaboratively.

Cority’s True SaaS platform supports over-arching Operational Risk Management (ORM) requirements. ORM and EHS are interrelated. ORM is driven by regulatory requirements (including EHS), and EHS compliance management supports risk management. Managing both programs from the same platform optimizes processes and strengthens organizational objectives.

Connected ORM.

Cority’s solution is designed to support the connected worker and support the rapidly growing use of IoT / IIoT devices. Cority is designed as a central repository for a wide and extensive array of data to enhance and expedite decision-making.

Secure ORM.

According to independent analysts, Cority’s application and data center security is among the highest in the industry. Cority is ISO 27001, 27017, and 27018 certified across its operations.


One System of Record.

Cority’s True SaaS platform is comprised of comprehensive functionality that can be configured to support ORM processes and functionality. We provide essential leadership into over-arching governance, risk management, and compliance initiatives.

Industry Recognized ORM Functionality.

Cority has been recognized by Verdantix as one of the top five ORM vendors with leadership in ORM security, emergency response, and integration with wearables. It’s also seen as a top performer in management of change, incident management, business intelligence and more.

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With our highly configurable platform functionality and ORM specific tools, Cority can help you reach your organization’s goals:

Job Hazard Analysis

Quantitative Risk Modeling

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Qualitative Risk Management

Emergency Response/ Incident Management

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Management of Change

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Business Intelligence

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myCority (Mobility)

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Environmental Management

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Safety Management

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Occupational Health

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