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Cority offers transformative EHSQ software to help you succeed. Our solutions have been built by industry professionals with deep, working subject matter expertise to deliver the functionality you need to meet the demands of an ever-evolving business environment. Our expertise extends beyond functional subject matter. We also have rich industry-specific knowledge to help you successfully implement solutions that work for your business to make your EHSQ journey a success.

Retail Compliance EHS solution

Aerospace and Defense

Cority’s EHSQ software helps Aerospace & Defense companies streamline and gain visibility across a product’s lifecycle from a single platform while centralizing regulatory driven programs. Our industry leading quality solution breaks through the barriers of convention in aerospace and defense manufacturing.

Aerospace & Defense Industries, xray image of an airplane engine


Cority delivers a full-range of Occupational Health, Industrial Hygiene, and Safety solutions to deliver a proactive, fully-managed, and easy-to-use approach to worker wellness and safety. Our offerings also extend to Environmental and Quality Management, providing a single platform to manage your EHSQ initiatives.

Automotive industries, image of an automotive manufacturing plant


Cority is designed to help EHSQ Chemical industry professionals drive compliance and continuous improvement by transforming data into business insights that identify opportunities for operational and environmental improvements in-line with Responsible Care across their organizations as well as their products as part of a supply chain.

image of a flask and other chemical equipment


Cority offers a robust set of EHSQ capabilities designed to help Construction companies efficiently and effectively manage their EHSQ regulatory compliance and risks regardless of location. We give EHS professionals visibility into their assignments, performance, and help to ensure that work is getting done.

Construction Industries - image of a construction site

Energy & Utilities

Cority’s EHSQ software solutions empower Energy & Utility companies around the world to keep their employees safe and healthy, manage compliance with safety and environmental laws and regulations, and improve operational efficiencies.

Energy Industries - image of powerline

Food & Beverage

Cority’s EHS software solution helps Food & Beverage companies ensure regulatory compliance, as well as meet and exceed industry standards such as FSMA, GMP SQF, HACCP, and ISO 22000.

Food Industries - photo of a worker in a food manufacturer

Hospital & Medical Centers

The ReadySet® hospital employee health solution from Cority Axion Health provides innovative occupational health solutions for hospitals and medical professionals.

Healthcare Industries - photo of 2 doctors walking inside hospital


Cority’s EHSQ software solution helps Manufacturers keep their employees safe and healthy, reduce their impact on the environment, and identify way to continuously improve operational ecoefficiency. Our Quality offering helps manage your quality systems and compliance mandates including ISO 9001, AS 9100, ISO/IATF/TS 16949 and more.

photo of Safety manager in manufacturing industries

Mining & Metals

Cority offers a robust set of EHSQ capabilities designed to help Mining & Metals organizations efficiently and effectively manage their EHSQ regulatory compliance and risks regardless of location.

Mining industries - worker in a mining site

Oil & Gas

Widely acknowledged as the world leader for Oil & Gas in Occupational Health and Hygiene, Cority also provides robust Environmental and Safety functionality, including chemical management, safety management, waste management and regulatory compliance.

Oil & Gas industries - worker working at a oil rig

Pharma, BioTech & HealthCare

Cority’s EHSQ software solution helps Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, and Healthcare organizations keep patient data safe and secure, control their environmental impacts, maintain compliance with regulations and industry standards (GMP,), utilize audits and inspections to drive continuous improvement, and quickly identify and correct issues.

Pharma industries - image of a doctor working at a clinic

Public Sector / Government

Cority’s EHSQ software solution helps the Public Sector keep their employees safe and healthy, reduce their impact on the environment, and increase operational productivity. Cority leads the way in application and data center security, with certifications for ISO 27001, ISO 270017, ISO 20018, SOC Type 2, and HIPAA.

Public sector and government industries - photo of a surveyer in front of green energy


Learn how Cority can help your EHS retail compliance program by streamlining your compliance tasks and inspections with one unified solution.

Retail compliance EHS team member at a local hardware store

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