Business Intelligence

Know the Why

EHSQ professionals juggle multiple responsibilities – capturing operational data, monitoring KPIs, collecting and reporting on data programs,  regulatory compliance, and more. Knowing your data is accurate, current, and easily accessible are imperatives.

Cority BI: Transform Your EHSQ Information into Insight

Cority delivers a wide range of self-service analytics and reporting functionality. Your information is collected, presented, and analyzed in the way which you prefer – through programs, dashboards, or standard reports.


Non-technical User
Intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces make it easy to collect, analyze and share information without programming expertise.

Business Decision Maker
Business leaders are empowered with insight to assist them in identifying ways to reduce risk, improve organizational sustainability, and increase profitability.

Technical Influencer
Your time is freed-up by removing the responsibilities for database and application management and support.

With Cority’s powerful BI solutions, you can:

Automate the delivery of information and readily share data with external systems through Cority’s open Enterprise Data Gateway.

Dig deep when needed – our report writer generates sophisticated ad hoc reports without requiring programming expertise.

Add report results to dashboards, export for presentation or for combine with non-EHSQ data.

Share and report insights from across the entire EHSQ platform without compromising data integrity, security, and privacy.

Leverage your data to maintain compliance and reduce risk by identifying trends and opportunities for corrective action.

Easily take the lead in providing reliable insight that drives a culture of safety, operational excellence and sustainability.

Business Intelligence Modules


The Cority Advanced Dashboard provides any or all users the ability to see and track their most important EHS data in one central location.

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Cority Report Scheduler enables you to schedule reports to run at certain times and be delivered to an individual or distribution list.

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The Cority Query Builder is a flexible tool that allows for ad hoc EHS reporting on virtually any data tracked in the system.

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Within the Cority system, there are hundreds of standard EHS reports that can be run from data captured within any of the modules. These reports will help you turn data inputs into valuable knowledge for making well-informed, timely decisions.

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The Questionnaire module is an important component of all of the Cority software suites.

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The Findings & Actions module is common across all suites in Cority. This module provides a centralized database for consolidating all findings and corrective action data and our corrective action software automates all of your action tracking and approval process.

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