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Los Alamos improves Safety Culture, reduces burden of multiple solutions and spreadsheets by implementing Cority




New Mexico, USA


12,000 employees


Occupational Health, Safety, Ergonomics

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Client Profile

Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) is a United States Department of Energy national laboratory and multidisciplinary research institution engaged in strategic science on behalf of national security. The organization is focused on ensuring the safety and reliability of the U.S. nuclear stockpile, developing technologies to reduce threats from weapons of mass destruction, and solving problems related to energy, environment, infrastructure, health, and global security concerns.

The Challenge:

Inability to track or trend data with existing software

Dr. Sara Pasqualoni

Medical Director at Los Alamos

Dr. Sara Pasqualoni is the Medical Director at Los Alamos and has been leading the National Laboratory’s Occupational Health team of 75+ employees for over 8 years. Her team’s mission is to provide a healthy, safe, and productive workplace, by delivering excellence in evidence-based care using systemic solutions to promote worker health and safety.

When Dr. Pasqualoni first joined LANL, the organization’s processes were paper-based, but there was an initiative to move to electronic medical records.

Originally, the software they implemented met their needs, but after five years, the organization’s requirements changed, and the vendor could no longer support the software version LANL was using. One of the biggest challenges Los Alamos faced with their existing system was the inability to track data reliably. The Occupational Health team couldn’t do any robust reporting, trending or check leading indicators for safety, population health management, or absenteeism. This resulted in subjective assessments as they were limited by what they could measure. Being a government contractor, LANL also has a lot of security requirements that were difficult to manage with limited IT resources.

The Solution

Dr. Pasqualoni knew that only a cloud-based system would be able to meet the organization’s complex and comprehensive set of requirements. This type of system would offer a single source of truth, eliminate information silos, and always be up-to-date. After considerable evaluation, Los Alamos chose to partner with Cority, the only vendor that could meet LANL’s requirements for a unified true SaaS solution. It was also critical to align with an organization they could trust that shared a similar vision. According to Dr. Pasqualoni, “Cority’s commitment to client success, operational excellence, and sustainability, plus the proven history of success across the globe, made this an easy decision.” They now have a system that provides seamless upgrades, with strong usability and configurability options.

The Results:

Improved data quality, increased communication, and an improved safety culture

Los Alamos now has an EHS management system that has streamlined processes and significantly improved communication across departments. Dr. Pasqualoni emphasized that, “since implementing Cority, nothing is the same – we did a complete overhaul of everything by starting from the ground up.” By migrating to Cority, LANL was able to decommission 75 independently operated software applications.

The organization’s wellness program was moved from a desktop-based spreadsheet to the Cority platform. The risks associated with spreadsheets, including manual errors, version control, and task allocation, were eliminated. LANL’s new annual wellness dashboards, surveillance-based fitness assessments, and individualized fitness consultations have all proven to be very beneficial to the organization.

Occupational Medicine was improved with new clinic flows, scheduling, documentation, exams, tracking diagnoses, and resulted in better communication with supervisors. OSHA reporting was also automated, which resulted in better real-time notifications. The automated reporting meant they were able to redirect 1-2 FTEs of work to other initiatives. Not to mention, the organization is particularly proud that automating their previous paper-based processes resulted in a 50% paper reduction in their clinical department.

“I can’t overstate the value of having expert knowledge and coaching from the consultants during configuration and implementation. Our previous vendor didn’t have nurses, safety professionals, or industrial hygienists on staff. They had IT people. The Cority experts have so much breadth of experience and are committed to your success.”

– Dr. Sara Pasqualoni
Medical Director

independent applications decommissioned
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paper reduction

Improved Safety Culture

Los Alamos considers the implementation of Cority as the launching point for a complete cultural change within their organization. Their health and safety culture before Cority was very compliance and regulatory driven with a sense of complacency. Dr. Pasqualoni explains that, “departmental responsibilities were siloed, with no clear end goal – there wasn’t a holistic approach.” Now, employee well-being consists of one team, with one shared vision.

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