How To Maintain Objectivity in Your Quality Management Software Selection Process

Quality manager in the midst of a quality management software selection process

Today, there are many enterprise quality management software vendors to choose from, but where do you start? And what pitfalls should you avoid? Maintaining due diligence and objectivity in your quality management software selection process is key. In this post we’ll outline how to remain objective during your software project journey and select the right quality management solution for your company.

What Does it Take to Select the Right Quality Management Software?

You have come to trust the experts at LNS Research for sound information on quality management. Their report, Maintaining Due Diligence and Objectivity in EQMS Solution Selection, outlines the critical aspects of building an objective selection plan and how to avoid common pitfalls.

But, first… take a moment to consider if your company is truly ready to begin the journey to operational excellence by implementing quality management software. Even if you know how QMS bolsters quality from a holistic, enterprise point of view, you may not know how to get a software project moving forward.

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Understanding Core Elements of Quality Management Software Success

LNS research has noted how critical it is “to enlist the expertise of all key stakeholders along the way, and hold fast to each core element of initial criteria.”

According to LNS, you will have to consider a number of elements in your quality management software evaluation journey, including functional and technical requirements alongside interoperability of tools and extensibility, just to name a few.

Likewise, the cross-functional team you assemble must include all stakeholders from manufacturing, IT, engineering and even finance, which may come as a surprise. Accounting for internal bias is one of the key insights that you’ll take away.

Furthermore, the report provides actionable recommendations to help you vet software vendors thoroughly. Ideally, the criteria you use to select your quality management solution must take into account feedback from every department in your organization to find the optimal balance between functionality and cost of implementation.