The Many Benefits of an Occupational Health Management System

Occupational Health Management

The health and safety of the employees at any business are not just important to the company’s bottom line. It is important to the employees themselves, the managers, and even the company’s customers. Managers play a key role in the health and safety of all employees on their team. Managers not only disseminate information on health and safety procedures in the workplace, but they also oversee the enforcement of these procedures.

An occupational health manager’s role is a bit different from all the other managers. Occupational health managers are responsible for creating the health and safety policies and procedures in all company departments, as well as making sure they are enforced. Occupational health managers also look at the data they collect with the help of an occupational health management system in order to see trends and evaluate current safety levels. 

Increase Compliance and Create Reports More Efficiently

With top-of-the-line EHS software solutions, occupational health managers can streamline data collection in many ways, such as automating medical record keeping. Streamlined data helps to reduce redundancies and allows the data to be more easily visualized. This supports decision making as it allows for trends to be more easily spotted and for strategies to be created that target weak areas.

Reports can be easily created, as all the data necessary for reporting is readily available. Advanced reporting features allow companies to remain fully compliant with industry regulations. Additionally, areas that need more focus can be illuminated, allowing action items to be assigned directly to teams in order to increase compliance as needed.

Increase Productivity and Decrease Employee Injury and Illness

Productivity can be hampered in many ways. One major way that a company’s productivity is slowed down is through employee injury and illness. While everyone gets sick from time to time, workplace-related injuries and illnesses are often preventable. With the right software system, a company’s occupational health and safety can be managed in a way that reduces the occurrence of preventable accidents resulting in injury and illness.

When an accident leads to an absent employee, the company does not just incur direct costs, such as compensation paid to the employee. The company also must incur the cost of a reduction in productivity, as any temporary employee is not as efficient or talented as your regular employee. Additionally, depending on the severity of the accident, the general public may learn about the incident and lose respect for the company.

Occupational health solutions, such as Cority, not only help occupational health managers create strategies to minimize hazards and prevent employee illness and injury, but also help these managers do their job more efficiently. With features, such as automated email confirmations and predictive text, occupational health managers take less time to complete tasks. Additionally, other state-of-the-art features, such as integration with medical equipment and report templates, allow occupational health managers to collect data and file reports more quickly and with greater ease.

Occupational Health Software Supports the Entire Company

With the right occupational health management system, all levels of the company are kept safe, healthy, and supported. Employees enjoy a workplace with the necessary policies and procedures in place to ensure a safe work environment. They also benefit from the efficient handling of any claims that may arise. Occupational health managers, and other managers have access to data that helps them create reports and gather information in a streamlined and efficient way. Top level executives are able to make informed, data-driven decisions regarding the company’s overall occupational health and safety. In this way, the entire company embraces a culture of health and safety that identifies potential hazards and mitigates risks in the workplace. Because of this full embrace, the entire company enjoys the many benefits of excellent occupational health and safety management.