Compliance Management Software: Making Sure All Regulatory Gaps Are Filled

Compliance Management Software

Compliance has always been a challenging area to maintain. Ensuring that all policies and regulations are followed is a time consuming process, and in some cases, organizational nightmare. In the past, businesses would have files upon files of Excel spreadsheets detailing regulations that must be met and a constant process of updates that had to be sent out to employees to make sure they were aware of changing protocols. All of this information has the potential to be lost in the shuffle, which is why compliance management software is a lifesaver for enterprise-level concerns. It allows companies to easily organize information, update automatically as regulations change, and provide a platform in which all employees can access information that is relevant to their positions and related tasks.

Staying Up-to-Date on Regulations

As those in industry know, regulations are constantly changing and what may have been acceptable last year may not be this year. Keeping track of all of these regulatory changes and adapting them to fit the company model is a 24/7 task. Not only does the change need to be acknowledged it also has to be adapted in to the pre-existing protocols to ensure that EHS compliance is maintained consistently. Management of change software when used in conjunction with compliance management software can accurately track these changes, and adapt them so that all audit reports reflect that the company is following new regulations. Tasks are also updated to reflect these changes so that future compliance is not a concern. No company wants to lose money due to non-compliance and the associated government fines. This is why using a software system is so important. If your compliance team is simply updating spreadsheets and sending out emails to make employees aware of changes, this bombardment of information can be misinterpreted or even missed entirely. If new safety regulations are not followed this even has the potential to increase risk which can lead to a whole slew of new problems that could easily be avoided.

Improved Organization

Organization of information is the key to compliance. Compliance management software provides the platform for all relevant information to be input, eliminating the need for professionals to spend time updating lengthy protocols and briefing employees. Instead, employees can simply log on to the software and be informed about how their jobs are directly affected. Alerts can also be sent to them, to make sure they check the software as soon as an update has been made. This allows companies to have the leeway to then focus on enterprise-level concerns while ensuring that employees are safe and following regulations.

Addressing Enterprise-Level Concerns

Compliance management software allows employees to spend time working on permit acquisition for new locations and increasing business. It can help assess areas for suitability and track what is needed to acquire new work sites. It can also help to perform risk assessments when examining these new sites in conjunction with related software. Essentially, software provides employees with the ability to manage information which, in today’s world is one of the primary tasks of any job. Once digital information is tabulated and easily accessible it leaves employees to perform their jobs to the best of their abilities while leaving managers to focus on increasing revenue through new project creation.