What Every EHS Professional Should Know About ESG

For many EHS professionals, collecting environmental information is something they have routinely been doing for years. As environmental, social and governance (ESG) benefits continue to make themselves known to the investment community, companies should anticipate more pressure to provide complete, accurate and timely information that demonstrates a commitment to ESG objectives. 

Now is a good time for EHS teams to take a look at their programs and laser focus on improving performance in these areas in order to help their companies remain competitive. Technology could be a piece of the puzzle to help identify areas of improvement, increase efficiency and create defensible audit trails.

Join Cority’s Christine Wyman McCarty and Arcadis’ Jessica Francisco, as they discuss how you can drive continuous improvement toward corporate ESG goals for a cleaner, greener, safer future.

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • How investor-driven interest in ESG is changing approaches to sustainability
  • How EHS software can provide high-quality, auditable data investors require
  • The most common ESG reporting frameworks
  • How your peers are successfully managing ESG performance

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