Tips for Building an Effective ESG and Sustainability Program

Sustainability and ESG have become increasingly important, and many businesses are left wondering how new regulations and standards will impact their operations. With the market quickly evolving, companies need to start developing a strategy to future-proof their business and ensure success for years to come. No matter where your business is in this process, it’s essential to understand that Sustainability and ESG criteria are here to stay. Building a practical and effective Sustainability and ESG program will help your business thrive and remain competitive well into the future.

Join Chris Michie, Product Marketing Manager at Cority, where he will discuss the current market and demand for ESG and Sustainability while providing solutions and tips for building an effective ESG/Sustainability program that meets your business where it’s at.

In this session, we’ll discuss:

  • How regulatory and market conditions drive the need for a well-thought-out approach toward ESG/Sustainability.
  • How the market is quickly evolving concerning ESG & Sustainability and how organizational experience is limited.
  • Why having the right strategy is essential to developing an effective ESG/Sustainability program.


Speaker Bio –

Chris Michie, Cority Product Marketing Manager

Chris Michie is a Product Marketing Manager with Cority and specializes in Environmental and Sustainability solutions. Chris has over 13 years of Environmental and Sustainability experience and holds bachelor’s degrees in Marketing and Graphic Design from the University of Maryland.

Prior to his role at Cority, Chris was the Director of Sustainability for a large agricultural company and worked in Public and Environmental Health with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and in the U.S. Army respectively.

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