Make It About Them: How to Make Your Risk Management Process More Employee-Centric

We’ve been told for years that to build stronger employee engagement in safety, we need to “make safety personal.” We post pictures of our loved ones in the workplace. We talk about why we work safely at meetings and training sessions. We encourage employees to think about how their actions might affect their family and friends. But how is this philosophy reflected in our approach to risk management?

Although risk assessments are widely used across industries to help employees identify hazards and manage the related risks they introduce, rarely do these programs consider how individual differences can affect not only the degree of risk to which a particular worker is exposed, but how this information, if considered, might change what we do to manage risk, as well as how workers might engage differently in the risk management process itself.

Join Cority’s Sean Baldry, CRSP as he explores why organizations should consider redesigning their risk management programs to reflect a more employee-centric approach, and the value that this shift can bring, including better environmental, health and safety outcomes and stronger workplace cultures.

During this webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • How the “total worker risk” concept is challenging established views about workplace risk.
  • Why consideration of individual differences, characteristics and personal factors is so critical to create a more holistic, inclusive and accurate view of organizational risk.
  • Techniques to elicit greater employee engagement and ownership of hazard identification as well as risk control practices.
  • How technology and software can support the transition to a more employee-centric approach to risk management.

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