Taking Control of Risk: An Intro to Cority’s Office Ergonomics Essentials Solution

Managing ergonomic risk has never been more challenging. And with an estimated $67K of costs associated with a single ergonomic injury, companies of all sizes and industries can benefit from a solution that will help identify those ergonomic risks early and enable you to resolve issues before they become a larger problem.

Join us for an informative session on Cority’s rapidly deployable Office Ergonomics Essentials solution. In this deminar (webinar + demo), you will learn how to:

  • Manage the foundational elements of an office ergonomics program
  • Help boost employee engagement in ergonomic risk management
  • Use a true SaaS ergonomic solution to identify and resolve ergonomic risks early
  • Promote a healthier workforce with less medical and safety intervention

More about deminars:  

Our deminars start with an introduction to the solution, and then move over to the demo environment to provide a first-hand view of what the solution looks like and how to navigate the key features. This allows for real-time questions from the people who helped build the solution.

Who will benefit from this session:

  • Companies looking to lower ergonomic injury costs
  • Organizations with limited internal expert resources and budgets
  • Businesses with loosely defined requirements and looking for standardization across multiple sites
  • Companies with hybrid or remote work models


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