Marijuana’s Impact on Worker Health and Safety

Get into the weeds: understanding recreational marijuana use and exposure to legal MGOs impact on occupational health in this webinar. How does marijuana impact worker health and safety? How can a workplace manage worker safety with the use of marijuana and other legal MGO’s?

Hear from Bill Walters, a senior application consultant at Cority who previously worked at Miller Brewing Company, Dr. Kyle Acres, who joined Colorado Springs Utilities in 2002 as its occupational health and medical coordinator, and Sarah Akins, a certified industrial hygienist who is a Senior Industrial Hygienist at Colorado Springs Utilities.

In this Webinar, they will discuss:

  • What’s happening in the USA with marijuana legalization
  • How the legal and societal expectations impact the workplace
  • Workplace approaches to marijuana use
    • Randomized drug testing
    • Presentations on the dangers of marijuana use on the job
    • Program to deal with marijuana in progress
    • No program in please to deal with marijuana use
  • Medicinal vs recreational use of marijuana
  • Impacts on employee productivity and safety
    • Marijuana impacts everyone differently dependent on: mood, personality, size, weight, and more
    • The amount taken and whether it is mixed with other substances
    • The environment in which the drug is used
    • If marijuana is used in the workplace it can effect:
      • The health and safety of the person taking it and those around them
      • The productivity of the team
    • Marijuana is known to have the following effects:
      • Short-term memory problems
      • Impaired thinking
      • Loss of balance and coordination
      • Changes in sensory perception
      • Impaired ability to perform complex tasks
      • Decreased alertness and reaction time
  • The Zero Tolerance Policy
    • The impacts of it on the company and the employee
  • Review a risk assessment and safety plan related to marijuana exposure

Learn how to conduct a risk assessment and create a safety plan to counter marijuana exposure in your workplace. Watch now.

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