Data Privacy & Security

Data privacy and security have become critical imperatives for all businesses, regardless of industry, country or size. Cority has the highest level of application security in the EHS market and is amongst the highest for data center security.

ISO Certifications

We uphold the highest commitment to information privacy and security for our clients’ critical data. Cority holds the following Certifications


In addition to Cority’s own strict adherence to GDPR, the Cority platform provides enhanced capabilities for companies to comply with GDPR. Our customers can easily generate a complete history of the medical records, cases, and associated documents for each employee.

Key features

Provide employees with access to their medical records

Generate reports that contain all medical documents, case documents, and case management records associated with an employee

Demonstrate compliance with GDPR requirements

For tips on GDPR compliance, download this compliance review guide:

Australian Privacy Legislation

As a global company, Cority also adheres to The Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act), which includes the Australian Privacy Principles (APP).