Connecting Risk, Quality and Safety for Superior Results

If you’re like most, you’ve likely run your safety and quality programs as independent functions. But Digital Transformation has created the opportunity for business leaders to explore the value of integrating safety and quality into operations to delve into new data-driven insights that enable better decisions that reduce risk, improve quality and safety performance, and increase productivity. 

This eBook provides enterprise executives, quality software users and safety leaders with information to develop a solid strategy and reap the benefits of further connecting quality and safety with operations.

Download this eBook to learn: 

  • Commonalities between quality and safety management across objectives, challenges, processes, organization, and technology
  • How manufacturers use the Digital Innovation Cycle framework to manage change and improvement
  • What it takes to extend risk, quality, and safety into operations – illustrated with use cases
  • Benefits of an integrated approach, including strategic value, process improvement and performance metrics