Verdantix Buyer’s Guide: Occupational Health Software

Verdantix Buyer’s Guide for Occupational Health (OH) Software provides a fact-based analysis of top vendors, market landscape, and current trends.

Evaluating software is a time-consuming, complicated, and important process. This report will help guide you towards the right OH Software for your organization.

This report provides EHS and OH experts with:

  • An overview of the drivers for OH adoption
  • An analysis of prominent OH vendors in the market
  • Information on OH functionality most aligned with organizations business requirements

More About the Buyer’s Guide

With a growing corporate consciousness of overall worker health and wellbeing, it is more important than ever for firms to monitor their workforces closely.

Designed for anyone who needs to effectively manage workplace risk with limited resources, Occupational Health software (OHS) provides a data management system that enables OH Teams to securely capture and share health data, identify and mitigate high risk environments, gain actionable operational insights and enable employees to better manage their own health.

The Verdantix Buyer’s Guide for Occupational Health Software was created to inform OHS buyers on the currently available functionality most aligned with their business.

Vendors included within the guide have a proven track record of robust OH offerings with an extensive customer base.

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