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Jincom Partnership Provides Innovative Approach to EHS Training

Virtual Learning Management Solution paired with illustrated content poised to vastly improve critical risk mitigation

Toronto, ON, September 1, 2022 – Two leading digital solutions providers for Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) professionals, Cority and Jincom, combine their expertise to deliver an employee-centric approach to training and learning that promises to amplify employee engagement, vastly improve critical risk management, and provide more meaningful measures of EHS success.

Earlier this year, global enterprise EHS software provider, Cority, introduced its Learning Management Solution (LMS) to the market. The new LMS provides a nimble, scalable framework focused on the individual employee. With tailored training plans, based off criteria such as employee risk profile, location, or job and triggered from events from an incident to a promotion, Cority’s LMS enables organizations to deliver a personalized learning experience for every employee on any device.

Now, Cority customers can pair its innovative Learning Management Solution with Jincom’s world-class EHS training content and communication tools. Jincom’s illustrated and animated safety tools translate complex, standards-based training texts and programs into quick, efficient, technically-accurate content. Offering an extensive library of off-the-shelf learning modules or bespoke content, the format of these visual solutions more closely resemble a fast-read comic book or virtual reality experience than a dense compliance manual. The easier-to-understand materials can be activated across all levels of a workforce – overcoming common training challenges such as language, literacy, and cultural barriers.

“Cority’s technology provides a comprehensive and customizable delivery mechanism for ensuring that the right training is delivered at the right time to a specific employee,” said Sean Baldry, Cority senior product marketing manager. “Pairing Cority with Jincom’s highly intuitive and engaging visual solutions enables us to deliver relevant training that can promote awareness and reduce risk through a truly unique and extremely engaging experience.”

The Cority-Jincom partnership comes as organizations are increasingly seeking more engaging and accessible training solutions. In fact, in a 2021 Verdantix survey, 97 percent of EHS leaders indicated that the engagement of front-line workers in EHS initiatives would be a moderate-to-high priority over the next two years. Additionally, 90% of corporations indicate that they currently use, or plan to expand their use of, EHS training software during that same time period.

While companies prioritize engagement in EHS initiatives, efforts executed through traditional training programs are not translating into drastically fewer accidents, incidents, and fatalities. Of the top 10 most cited violations in 2020, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), 6 can be directly addressed with training programs as a preventative  proactive measure for reducing occurrences.  Often companies with good intentions but ineffective training programs continue to face fines that can reach tens of millions based on training issues.

“It’s extraordinarily difficult to conduct effective training with today’s large, diverse, and decentralized workforces. The content must be extremely accessible – easy to understand, concise, and engaging – despite a wide-range of literacy levels, cultural diversity, expertise, and skillsets,” said Andrew Smith, Jincom founder and CEO. “We’re excited to partner with Cority to incorporate our engaging and effective visual solutions into their robust platform and improve the safety of employees around the world.”

Previous Jincom content integrations have proven indispensable for major global companies. Holcim, a leader in building materials and solutions with 70,000 employees at 2,200 sites in 70 countries, reported a 70 percent reduction in fatalities and 20 percent reduction in lost time injuries after utilizing Jincom’s trainings.

Under the agreement, Cority will refer clients to Jincom for either off-the-shelf or completely bespoke content that will then be hosted on Cority’s cloud-based solution for added value to Cority customers. Through its comprehensive responsible business platform, CorityOne™, users can trigger trainings based off of data points throughout the organization and incorporate Jincom’s content with other EHS workflows to ensure training gaps identified in any area of the business are addressed quickly and effectively.

“Employees are looking to exert more control over their work and their workplace, and, by extension, that includes training,” Baldry said. “They want to have flexibility to do that training wherever and whenever they want, in whatever language they want, at whatever pace they want. Cority’s LMS puts the employee in the driver seat and Jincom’s content delivers the engaging, accessible content that they are hoping for.”

On Sept 13 and 14, attendees of EHS Congress in Berlin will have the opportunity to see the Cority-Jincom partnership in action. Tjeerd Hendel-Blackford of Cority and Andrew Smith of Jincom will be presenting on “Employee Engagement” on Day 1, Sept 13, at 12:00 pm.


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Jincom is the world’s leading Health and Safety communications agency. Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Dublin, Jincom develops engaging communications solutions that save lives. Our illustrated and animated safety tools are distributed digitally via apps, e-learning, print and screen. Jincom’s global clients all have the challenge of engaging with large multi-cultural workforces, some speaking up to 20 languages. Jincom’s work addresses this challenge and has helped to reduce fatalities and serious injuries on client sites by up to 76%. Off the shelf tools or full bespoke solutions are available. To see more: