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Cority Releases CorInsights to Bring Powerful, In-Context and Actionable Analytics to the Everyday EHSQ Professional

New predictive analytics capabilities give EHSQ professionals instant access to the most relevant insights to enhance business outcomes

Toronto, ON – September 21, 2020 – Cority, the most trusted provider of environmental, health, safety and quality (EHSQ) software solutions, today announced the release of CorInsights, the latest enhancement to its extensive Analytics solution. This predictive data analytics tool provides organizations with real-time access to the relevant data-driven insights they need to manage operational risk, improve compliance and prevent workplace harm.

With the release of CorInsights, Cority clients are now able to more effectively reduce operational risk by acting on meaningful insights drawn from their organization’s EHSQ data – across all areas of Cority’s unified SaaS platform. These organizational insights, accessible in real-time with a single click, provide decision makers with valuable intelligence that enables them to make the best possible decisions to effectively address risk in their business. As the advanced algorithms that power CorInsights are constantly running in the background of the solution, the accuracy, timeliness and quality of insights generated are constantly refreshed and improved as new data becomes available. This solution helps organizations address the most critical EHSQ risks within their processes and enables them to take that next step toward a predictive approach to safety management.

When investigating an incident, an EHSQ professional normally only has the perspective of that single event when considering what corrective actions to take to address the potential for recurrence. The user would need to navigate to another area of their management system to access additional data trends that could guide their decision making, breaking the workflow and reducing their efficiency. Now, by simply clicking the CorInsights icon, EHSQ professionals will have access to immediate, point-in-time insights relevant to that incident that will help them take the next steps to address incident recurrence with speed and confidence. CorInsights enables users to act quickly and intelligently to address their most critical issues without having to run separate analyses, saving time and money, and ensuring risk is acted upon proactively.

CorInsights for immediate, point-in-time insight

“CorInsights are predictive, prescriptive, point-in-time callouts presented at the time actions are taken directly to the person taking that action,” said Eric Bradnam, Director of Product Management at Cority. “Our goal is to provide truly meaningful and relevant analytics to all Cority users, from the front-line to the back office, that helps to reduce harm and drive business excellence.”