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Cority Completes Development of Acquired Environmental Management Capabilities on its True SaaS EHSQ Platform

In an industry first, Cority successfully transfers and enhances acquired intellectual property onto a single unified platform

Toronto, Canada – October 30, 2018 – Less than two years after acquiring environmental compliance management software company, regAction, Cority is proud to announce it has successfully and substantially incorporated the acquired intellectual property directly onto its core platform. Cority is now the only company in its space to offer a single, multi-tenant, true SaaS platform for enterprises to manage their Environmental, Health, Safety, and Quality initiatives.

Unlike any other enterprise EHSQ system on the market today, Cority’s true SaaS strategy provides an integrated, extensible platform where innovation is continuously and seamlessly delivered. This approach provides a range of business benefits for organizations, including low-risk deployments, extensive configurability without coding, purpose-built workflows, cloud economics, an extensive community of users, continuous enhancements, and frictionless upgrades.

“Following the acquisition of this best-of-breed tool, we hit the ground running to accelerate our next-gen Environmental Management roadmap,” said John Easton, VP Product Management, Cority. “However, we didn’t just glue two systems together or copy and paste functionality into Cority. We took a prescriptive approach to develop a leading-edge solution that leveraged the best from both systems, enhanced key features, and introduced innovations that take advantage of our integrated platform.”

“This is one of the largest endeavors we’ve undertaken in our 30+ year history, and I’m proud of our team for successfully achieving every milestone on or ahead of schedule,” said Stan Marsden, CTO. “Cority clients will now benefit from the most powerful, enterprise-grade and fully integrated SaaS solution available. And there is more to come.”

Cority’s next generation Environmental Management solutions go well beyond functional parity with legacy compliance management software providers. Key capabilities include:

        Comprehensive Air Emissions, Wastewater, and Solid Waste management modules that include sampling capabilities for air, water, waste, robust calculation tools, and container-level tracking for waste.

        Enhanced Asset Management with barcoding, mobility integration, and the ability to capture key attributes for equipment to support the air emissions, wastewater and waste management modules.

        Enhanced Chemical Management including multi-language support for SDSs, full support for GHS, WHMIS, and NFPA labeling, and direct linkage to Cority’s air emissions, wastewater, and waste management solutions

        Award-winning Applicability Analysis module designed to improve regulatory compliance programs and help foster a culture of compliance.

        Truly integrated EHSQ designed to connect people with data and break down silos across functional departments, geographies and business units. For example, Cority’s unified Chemical Agent Hazard hub is used by Industrial Hygiene, Safety, Occupational Health and Environmental professionals to properly manage the risks of onsite chemical products from cradle to grave.

“The Environment, Health, Safety, and Quality business functions share many common objectives, challenges, and processes,” said Peter Bussey, Research Analyst, LNS Research. “Now that management system standards are harmonized across these disciplines, it’s an opportune time for business leaders to explore the potential value of integrating teams, processes and technologies to enable Connected EHSQ management with the promise of efficiency gains, reduced risk, and competitive advantage.”

Cority’s enhanced Environmental solution has provided Central Arizona Project’s Environmental Team with the capability to be out in the field managing all types of waste streams, conducting audits and inspections from a mobile device, and the ability to gather the information needed to address compliance issues and concerns while onsite,” said Aaron Welch, Environmental Supervisor, Central Arizona Project. “I’m excited to see what new functionality will be coming in the near future.”

Cority continues to remain committed to supporting the evolving needs of its valued regAction platform clients.

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