Unpacking ESG: 6 Questions You Were Too Afraid to Ask

For Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability (EHS&S) professionals, being inundated with a slew of industry acronyms to learn is nothing new – GHG, SDS, TRI – the list is long. But a newer term that is popping up with greater frequency among the EHS&S practitioners we speak with is Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG).

Why? There’s significant overlap with the type of data EHS&S professionals have been collecting and reporting on for years with the type of information shareholders and the investor community now want to see from an ESG reporting perspective.

This is good news for EHS&S professionals. That said, as an emerging field, a lot of questions remain which is why industry experts, Christine McCarty, Product Marketing Manager at Cority, and Jessica Francisco, Head of Sustainability for North America at Arcadis, got together to answer six of the most frequently asked questions we get about how to get started with ESG reporting.

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