A Brave New World: Exploring How COVID-19 is Shifting Views on Safety Culture and Leadership

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed much in our lives, including where and how we work. Beyond altering our physical workplaces there are clear signs that the public health crisis may be triggering a fundamental shift in our collective views on safety, health, and well-being, especially on-the-job.

For Health and Safety professionals, these changing viewpoints are providing unique opportunities to re-think not only how you manage risk, but how you can develop stronger safety cultures in the months and years ahead.

Cority’s Sean Baldry, CRSP, recently sat down with renowned safety culture expert, Dr. Andrew Sharman, CEO and Principal at RMS Switzerland, and past President of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), to discuss how COVID-19 is shifting our views on safety culture and leadership, and provide actionable steps you can implement today to improve your health and safety programs.

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