The Ultimate Way to Drive Wide-Spread Adoption and Usage of EHSQ Portals

The Ultimate Way to Drive Wide-Spread Adoption and Usage of EHSQ Portals

By switching from workplace intensive native mobile apps – you know, those things that you download from Google Play or Apple’s App Store – to a modern, flexible interface accessed through a web browser, you’re able to significantly change the way your employees interact with and support EHSQ initiatives.

Switching to a mobile-first architecture with responsive web design (a solution that automatically adjusts to the size of the employee’s web browser removes a HUGE burden from your IT team and provides your management team with a solution that compounds the savings and efficiencies they’d experience over the traditional enterprise software deployment. 

How Clients Are Implementing myCority

We partnered with our product advisory board as well as several clients from the Oil & Gas, Retail, as well as Manufacturing sectors throughout the design phase to ensure myCority works the way you want it to while ensuring your end-users are eager to adopt and use the solution. 

Since we wanted the solution to benefit as much of our existing client base as possible, the initial release of myCority supports Safety Management and Occupational Health initiatives as well as a growing number of Environmental tasks such as: completing event reports, questionnaires, audit checklists, SEG checks, scheduling appointments, and keeping track of data whether online or offline. Our aggressive roadmap ensures rapid delivery of continuous functionality improvements to improve user productivity and support your organizations’ overall EHSQ objectives. 

Our unique design methodology allows you to initiate EHSQ programs by creating “apps” based on user-role, location, and more.  Each program, or “app”, can be deployed simply by sharing a web link with employees. In a few simple steps, you’ve just said good-bye to paper and/or Excel-based solutions and replaced them with automated workflows.

How myCority Works – in 3 Simple Steps

Your employee:

1. Signs into myCority through a web-browser on any device

2. Is immediately taken to see what tasks they are assigned by status/priority to assist them in managing their workday

3. Can easily navigate to view additional information and/or complete and submit their work actions – online or offline

Accelerating Operational Excellence Through Workplace Efficiencies

myCority removes all those stumbling points you’ve experienced in the deployment of other EHSQ portals. Since the employee experience is consistent regardless of the device they use, there is higher adoption and end-user satisfaction while decreasing training and deployment costs.

Your IT team will be relieved that they don’t have yet another app, device and operating system to standardize-on, manage, and update. While real-time access to information propels EHSQ into a vital element of your corporation’s culture – driving bottom line profits through a culture of safety and sustainability -– making you a hero to your management team. 

Next Steps

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