We’ve all been there. You’ve just come up some new, innovative idea to transform how things are done around the organization and have a meaningful impact. And yet, as good as your idea is, you don’t know how to turn your vision into reality and get the project off the ground. You struggle to effectively communicate the value of your project and get management buy-in. 

For many EHS professionals, one of those big, game-changing ideas is implementing EHSQ software. You understand how an EHS management system can help you drive operational excellence and continuous improvement, but your senior leadership team isn’t sold. Sound familiar? 

After spending 15 years as an EHS Manager in the automotive, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries, Cority’s Pamala Bobbitt knows just how real the struggle to get buy-in for EHS software can be. To help out EHS pros in a similar position, she was recently asked to share her advice on the EHS on Tap podcast. Tune in to find out what Pamala recommends to keep your EHS software project on track.

You will learn: 

Key Advice from this Episode:

“It’s really important to have someone not only with technical expertise, but also with subject matter expertise, someone that understands your business.” — Pamala Bobbitt

Next Steps 

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