Cority Receives Prestigious Software Award from Premier Health & Safety Publication

COSW 5-Star SoftwareWith over 60,000 targeted monthly readers, Canadian Occupational Safety is Canada’s premier online publication on occupational health and safety. Each December, the publication’s competitive annual awards recognize outstanding products and services in the safety sector. Cority is thrilled to announce that it is a recipient of the publication’s 2021 5-Star Safety Software Award, along with ten other winners, as well as the Readers’ Choice Award winner in the Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Management Solutions Category. 


Canadian Occupational Safety surveys its readership and 12,000 occupational safety professionals to start the awards nomination process. The award selection includes in-depth interviews with over 300 occupational safety professionals. The rigor of this process illustrates that receiving the award is a recognition based on the reputation and product value seen in Cority by fellow industry practitioners.  


This year marks the inaugural selection for the 5-star rating award, reflecting the growing importance of software in the health and safety sector.  


“Software is becoming a crucial part of building a safer work culture…[it] can help track, organize, and analyse key data which can then be used to optimize workplace health and safety,” the publication noted in its announcement, adding that nominees were judged based on value for money, ease of use and implementation, customer service, and overall effectiveness. 


Reflecting on the award, Sean Baldry, product marketing manager at Cority, said, “COVID-19 has certainly shifted perspectives on workplace health and safety in ways, and at rates, we hadn’t anticipated even a few short months ago. Interestingly, many organizations are seeing, perhaps for the first time, a real, tangible connection between their ability to manage risk and their long-term viability.”  


Cority has also received the Readers’ Choice award in the HSE Management Solutions category. Now in its 6th year, the Readers’ Choice awards go to organizations rated “excellent” in their respective category.  


“This means a lot to us to be recognized…in HSE management solutions by Canadian Occupational Safety readers,” said Cority VP of Product Management John Easton. “It validates the value of our investment in the product and in the area of management solutions over the last five years.” 


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