How to Make Your Risk Management Process More Employee-Centric 

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Drive better workplace safety with risk assessments that include individual factors.  When it comes to improving workplace safety, many organizations struggle with their approach to risk management. They conduct their risk assessments and check all the boxes required for EHS compliance, but they rarely make the process relevant to employees—the very people risk management is […]

How Digital Platforms are Helping Boost Employee Engagement in Health and Wellness

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Organizations globally are increasingly investing in workplace health and wellness programs. It’s no mystery why. The post-COVID-19 labor market has given workers far more bargaining power than in years past, creating intense competition amongst employers to attract top talent and to keep the talent they already have.  Interestingly, access to health and wellness services is […]

Why Your Industrial Hygiene Program Needs a Digital Update 

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With our collective attention still fixed on the COVID-19 pandemic at the end of 2021, you may have missed a sobering report released late last year by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Labor Organization (ILO) on the extent of occupational illness and disease in workplaces around the globe.  The study, entitled “Global […]

Why Stronger Employee Engagement is Needed for Safety

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More and more, businesses are shifting their safety strategy toward a focus on safety culture – the truths, ideas, and beliefs that all members of an organization share toward workplace risk, injuries, and prevention. And while consensus has been growing for over 40 years that strong safety cultures beget sustainable safety performance, companies continue to […]

[INFOGRAPH] What Is Employee Engagement and Why Does It Matter to EHS?

There’s no shortage of stats and commentary around the topic of employee engagement these days. From the focus on attrition or a sense of belonging, leaders at every rung of the ladder, in every department, and in every industry are clueing into how important engaging their workforce is. But those leaders who are tasked with […]

Employee Engagement, Its Impact on EHS, & What To Do About It 

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As 2020 melted into 2021, employment-related numbers started to reveal an interesting story, businesses were facing a major issue: employee engagement. Whirling around in a cyclone of burnout, stalled career growth, heightened risk, and an old-school approach to the next-gen workforce, the all-time high of employee engagement seen in 2019 has declined and helped fuel […]

What Does Value Chain Mean in Manufacturing?

Learn what a manufacturing value chain is and its essential components.

When it comes to manufacturing, smart companies are always looking for a competitive advantage. One way they can do so is to optimize their business’ value chain. A value chain is a term that Michael E. Porter came up with in his 1985 book, Competitive Advantage, to describe the steps that need to be taken, […]

How Hierarchy of Controls Reduces Workplace Chemical Hazards

Learn how following the hierarchy of controls can help you minimize workplace risk

Most organizations have programs for tracking, managing, and communicating the hazards of their workplace chemicals. While these programs help maintain a safe environment, many organizations could do more to prevent hazardous exposure from becoming an issue in the first place through the hierarchy of controls for chemical management and a corresponding chemical materials approval and […]

How to Leverage FMEAs and Control Plans for Continuous Improvement

Learn what Failure Mode and Effects Analysis is and how you can leverage it to create a control plan to commit to continuous quality management improvement.

Quality management professionals in the manufacturing sector know all too well how Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEAs) and control plans can positively impact your operations, reduce the cost of poor quality, and decrease the number of defects in your product and processes. But, the concept can be challenging to convey to company stakeholders who […]

Cority Receives Prestigious Software Award from Premier Health & Safety Publication

With over 60,000 targeted monthly readers, Canadian Occupational Safety is Canada’s premier online publication on occupational health and safety. Each December, the publication’s competitive annual awards recognize outstanding products and services in the safety sector. Cority is thrilled to announce that it is a recipient of the publication’s 2021 5-Star Safety Software Award, along with ten other winners, as […]