Webinar Recap: 5 Key Takeaways from Making Safety Simple

Learn how to simplify your safety management program with Cority's Safety Essentials solution

Imagine this: an employee is injured at your workplace. Then another. And another. Your compensation costs start to rise. The need to backfill injured employees impedes your ability to meet objectives and product or service quality plummets. Workforce morale drops. Your rising incident rates lead to multiple citations from regulators. And that’s only the beginning.

For many companies, that scenario isn’t too farfetched. And let’s face it, in those situations, trying to get a handle on your safety program can feel overwhelming. That’s why organizations need smart solutions to make safety management simple. But all too often software complexity, licensing costs, or long implementations make these solutions out of reach for the organizations that need them most.

My colleagues at Cority, Sean Baldry, CRSP, and Alex Hardwick, recently hosted a webinar to introduce our exciting new Safety Essentials solution, which is designed to help Health and Safety professionals regain control of their safety programs quickly and easily.

To give you a glimpse at how Safety Essentials works and how it can help you reduce injuries and improve compliance, here are five key takeaways from the webinar:

1. Safety management should be simple

At Cority, we believe safety management should be simple, which is why we created Safety Essentials. By focusing on the foundational elements of safety, like incident reporting, compliance, and monitoring and reporting of key safety metrics, Safety Essentials helps you reduce risk by simplifying and streamlining your processes while providing greater visibility into the data you need to start shifting from reactive to proactive safety management.

2. A rapid software deployment speeds up your time to value

A Safety Essentials software deployment follows Cority’s rapid implementation methodology, which means you can be up and running with a robust and flexible safety management system in just 14 weeks. Fast-tracked deployments are designed to drive user adoption, reduce costs, and speed up your time to value so you can see improvements in your safety program immediately.

3. Pre-configured to meet your needs

Our Safety Essentials package is pre-configured to allow for quick plug and play – which means you get a solution that’s intuitive, user-friendly and ready to use right away. During your implementation, our Professional Services team will provide you with configuration templates to fill out that will help them configure your solution to accurately reflect your organizational structure, employees, users, and other critical items.

4. Enhanced safety visibility helps you drive accountability

With out-of-the-box reports, data visualizations, and advanced analytics, Safety Essentials makes it easier to assess your safety performance at a glance, helping you drive accountability and reveal the actionable insights that help you make the most intelligent decisions on where to prioritize your time and resources.

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5. Empower your workforce online or offline

We all know a more engaged workforce enables issues to be detected and addressed earlier and helps to strengthen your safety culture. Giving your employees access to intuitive mobile EHS solutions means they can take an active role in your safety program by reporting incidents and completing tasks no matter where they are. At the same time, this real-time data entry ensures the data you’re using to drive decision making and prioritize resources is always accurate.


See Safety Essentials in action

To learn more about our new Safety Essentials and see a guided demonstration, check out the webinar recording here:

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For more information to help you simplify your organization’s approach to safety management, read this guide to learn 8 simple yet effective strategies to remove complexity and uncertainty from your program and drive sustainable safety results:


Learn how to simplify your safety program and improve safety performance