7 Ways Quality Management Software Strengthens Employee Training

Employee Training Using Quality Management Software

As you become more familiar with enterprise quality management software, consider redefining how your company satisfies compliance requirements for employee training. In today’s global manufacturing industry, quality success directly relates to how well you integrate your current quality system with quality management software. Here are seven ways quality management software strengthens employee training:

1. Improved compliance with ISO 9001 requirements for employee training

As the basic regulatory foundation of your quality management system, ISO 9001 mandates that your company thoroughly document procedures for employee competence and awareness. Quality management software affords you the benefit of enabling enterprise-wide competency training, which will also bolster employee awareness of their impact on successful quality outcomes. Building a culture of quality where all employees understand the importance of their roles is how you want to leverage EQMS to strengthen employee training requirements.

2. Reduced errors in employee training records

Despite the availability of quality management software from a number of software vendors, many enterprises still rely on manual, paper-driven procedures. Employee training is a good example of this flaw in action and how it can negatively impact quality. If your company still manually generates spreadsheets and documents, you are missing out on a big opportunity to automate manual processes, which greatly reduces errors.

3. Better access to employee training records

If you have management responsibilities, quick access to employee training records is a necessity. Quality management software can streamline this process when you need to keep track of hundreds of employee training records and access them on demand. Too many quality systems do not afford easy access to these records, since documents may reside in disparate applications or data silos. EQMS allows your company to establish and enforce data access permissions.

4. Faster auto-generating training procedures

Before quality management software became an indispensable tool to manage quality holistically, you would have had to manually update employee training procedures. You may have also had to create an entirely new training course by yourself. EQMS can now auto-generate training procedures, including coursework and exams, when your company expands or changes its workforce. Having a holistic system in place also affords you the benefit of more thorough vetting to pinpoint the best workers for promotion.

5. Improved search capability for ad-hoc queries of employee records

From a high-level overview, employee training encompasses three aspects: Job roles, work areas and people. EQMS gives you the tools you need to search through hundreds of employee training records without having to switch between one application and another. In your current quality system, you may be greatly limited by your ability to perform ad-hoc queries, but with EQMS, you will be able to search employee records intuitively without disparate systems impeding efficiency.

6. Faster automated notifications of changes to standard operating procedures

EQMS shines when automating notifications based on job roles. Managing changes to standard operating procedures and work instructions can quickly lead to sprawling, inconsistent record keeping. You can greatly reduce inconsistencies by automatically notifying specific employees when you make changes to procedures and work instructions.

7. Enabling a holistic view of quality and employee training

Overall, EQMS allows you to view a single source of truth, especially when it comes to employee training. According to LNS Research, EQMS greatly reduces “the traditional overhead of documenting what training has been completed, when it was completed, by whom (and) what the outcome was.” The amount of time you may save by automating employee training gives you a better way to work in today’s global manufacturing industry. Truly EQMS gives you the opportunity to rethink how your organization manages employee training.