One Environmental Health and Safety Software Solution for All Your Needs

Environmental Health and Safety Software Solution
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How many different pieces of software do you use at work every day? Many companies have cobbled together a system over the past few decades, investing in new programs as they were released, different solutions for different problems. Chances are you have your information spread across several incompatible systems and file formats. It’s time to upgrade to a single environmental health and safety software solution that does it all.

Improve Efficiency with Better Programs

It’s hard to calculate how much time is wasted by inefficient computer usage. From converting data into the format required by a regulatory agency, to trying to remember the name of the program you use for that one report you only have to file once a year, these little inconveniences add up over time.

Perhaps the biggest problem caused by this is the difficulty of sharing information from facility to facility in a large corporation. If each location has their own software (especially common if there’s a history of mergers and acquisitions), everyone may not have the most recent data and it can be difficult to share knowledge. This can be especially problematic when it comes to things like incident reports, where it may be important to be able to spot company-wide trends.

When all of your functions and data are held within one software suite, you can see improved efficiency and more streamlined communication across the entire company.

What You Need, When You Need It

Oftentimes, the resistance to all-in-one HSE software solutions comes from the idea that you’ll be burdened with options you don’t need. While that may have been true in the past, today’s health and safety software is often designed to be highly customizable. You can install just the modules you need, and configure them to work with your industry’s standards and your company’s unique requirements.

Here are a few of the benefits of a modern HSE software suite:

  • Receive reminders of when equipment testing is due. Perform the testing with checklists generated by your software. Use test data to renew equipment certification.
  • Create ISO 14001 compliant risk assessment programs, with visualization of significant aspects and impacts.
  • Keep an inventory of chemicals, searchable by trade name, chemical name, or ingredient. This inventory can be further customized with SDS, standard phrases and symbols.
  • Manage safety incidents from the initial report to analysis to conclusion.
  • Improve industrial hygiene with effective waste management. Track waste levels, manage proper disposal, and demonstrate compliance with waste permits.

Inspired by Industrial Needs

In the past, environmental health and safety software suffered from one of two problems. Either it was designed by programmers who weren’t familiar with the industry and were simply adapting an existing program to offer it to a new market. Or it was created by someone whose expertise in the field was not matched by their expertise at software design, resulting in clunky programs that rarely worked right.

The 21st century has brought with it a new appreciation for the importance of software in the running of every aspect of business. With that appreciation has come a new breed of software. Today’s programs are built by expert programmers, working in tandem with industry professionals. Environmental health and safety managers have finally been given the opportunity to say what they really need in an HSE software solution.

Don’t waste anymore time with outdated, inefficient systems. The time to upgrade is now.