OH Software Helps Your Company Manage Ergonomic Risk

OH Software Helps Your Company Manage Ergonomic Risk
Worker using OH Software

Ergonomics are a major concern for any business whose employees work on-site. Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) account for 33% of workers’ compensation costs, and many of these injuries could be prevented with proper workplace ergonomics. It’s not just about safety management, either. Uncomfortable work conditions lower employee productivity and morale. OH software helps your company provide a safe work environment.

Workplace Safety Software: An Ergonomic Solution?

OH software may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about improving your workplace’s ergonomics. However, an increasing number of safety management professionals are using technology to measure employee productivity, workstation ergonomics, and more.

An ergonomic software solution should be designed by ergonomists, to ensure that the software is capable of tackling your company’s ergonomic problems from all sides. Because no two companies are exactly alike, the software must also be flexible and able to be customized to fit your company’s specific needs and preferences.

Worker Ergonomics

When you need to perform ergonomic tests regarding an employee, OH software creates custom graphs to record and track their performance. You can compare historic data or compare your employee’s statistics to the ideal.

Company-wide ergonomics assessments are also easier with workplace safety software. Build inspection checklists, ensure regulatory compliance, and then share your properly-formatted results with OSHA, all within a single platform.

Equipment Management

A key part of ergonomic safety management is ensuring that all of your measuring equipment is properly calibrated and up to the task. OH software manages your equipment resources right alongside your human employees. The right OH software will give you the tools to record and track test data, set reminders for retesting, and ensure compliance with local licensing agencies for each piece of equipment you manage. In addition, your company should make sure the settings can be adjusted for your company’s specific needs, such as allowing technicians to update company records with inspection dates and metrics, while denying them access to the confidential parts of your system.

Risk Assessment

Every industry has its own unique hazards. It is important to choose software that provides you with the tools you need to capture the results of ergonomic-specific assessments such as RULA and REBA, as well as designing custom measures related to your specific workplace.

In the unfortunate case of an incident or injury occurring, workplace safety software makes it easy to share risk assessment data with investigators and suggest changes to prevent future incidents.

An Efficient Solution

Just as the science of ergonomics is all about providing employees with the perfect overlap of safety, comfort, and efficiency in their workspace, OH software is about streamlining the ergonomics process. Time and brain power is better spent on implementing change, rather than tracking the metrics and building the charts that will inspire that change.

Workplace safety software allows you to be more efficient, organized and informed. The quicker and more easily you can assess the ergonomics in your workplace, the sooner your employees will be safer and happier.