Modernize with Health Clinic Software

Modernize with Health Clinic Software
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Today, there are numerous digital solutions to help medical providers work more efficiently. Health clinic software streamlines processes like medical records and subscriptions. However, not every software solution is the right fit for every situation. If you run an occupational health and safety clinic, you need OH&S software tailored to your needs.

OH software combines the best aspects of standard health clinic software with OH&S specific modules, to create a single “home base” for all of your clinic’s needs. It allows you to bring your clinic into the 21st century with one software suite, rather than trying to create a workable solution out of multiple programs and traditional paper charts.

Data Standardization

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No matter your industry, if your business is distributed across multiple locations, data standardization is a challenge. Occupational health and safety is no exception, and carries the extra challenge of being subject to HIPAA and other medical regulations.

Health clinic software can help ensure that your employees’ medical data is standardized across your entire organization, and stored securely and privately. Every clinic within your company will have access to the same information about health and safety training, regulations, and the most recent employee safety data.

Your employees, too, will appreciate the ease of transferring their medical records if they relocate. Likewise, if an employee is visiting another site and has an incident, the on-site clinic there can easily access the employee’s medical records and have the most up-to-date information. At the same time, the employee’s home clinic will receive a complete incident report and know if they have to provide any follow-up care upon their return.

Convenient Features

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If you could design your dream health clinic software, what would it include?

You might want incident report forms tailored to the specific dangers common to your industry.

The ability to print or email prescriptions to your employee’s preferred pharmacy could save you hours on the phone.

Vaccination records and travel requirements could help you prepare the employees in your care for international travel more quickly and easily.

What if you could ensure compliance with federal regulations by managing random and scheduled drug and alcohol checks with your OH&S software?

Increased Productivity for Everyone

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The main goal of medical clinic software is to increase productivity for everyone. From the OH&S manager to the clinicians to the employees under your care, everyone benefits from a more efficient system.

Managers benefit from being able to send automatically generated reports to their superiors and to any governing boards that need to be notified of incidents or regulatory compliance.

Clinicians benefit from a user-friendly interface that allows them to spend less time filling out forms and more time treating employees.

Employees benefit from more efficient service and better healthcare.

And of course, the company as a whole benefits from less wasted time and better employee productivity. With time lost from injuries and illness amounting to a cost of 4% of the GDP, it’s important to take whatever steps you can to prevent and mitigate those losses.