Keeping Your Team Healthy with Health Clinic Software

Health Clinic Software

Running an occupational health clinic is a complicated task. You’re responsible for keeping employees safe and healthy, while maintaining HIPAA compliance in all record keeping. Your duties are shaped by a mix of corporate and medical standards. You want a software solution that understands both of these worlds.

Not all health clinic software is created equal. Those working in occupational health systems need a software suite that can store and track medical data, as well as ensure regulatory safety compliance, monitor health trends among employees, and more.

Benefits of OHS Software

In any corner of the healthcare industry, one of the biggest challenges is balancing the time spent with patients and the time spent on paperwork and reporting. Occupational health and safety is no different, but with the added layer of corporate regulations creating more paperwork.

One of the main benefits of OHS software is that it cuts down on your reporting time by making it easier to access medical records and fill out mandatory reports. Unlike standard health clinic software, solutions designed for the occupational health systems industry should be able to integrate medical, case, and safety data to cut down on redundant data entry and ensure that records are consistent across the board.

The right software will also make it easy to track injuries and illnesses, allowing you to spot trends. Having this data at your fingertips will allow you to be more effective in risk analysis and designing preventative measures.

With the ability to better manage employee health and safety, your OHS clinic can improve company productivity by lowering the amount of time lost to injury and illness.

Shopping for Health Clinic Software

When you decide it’s time to invest in a health clinic software solution for your business, you want to ensure you’re purchasing software with OHS in mind. You want a customizable platform that can be configured for the specific occupational risks of your industry.

Ideally, you should find OHS software that was designed in conjunction with occupational health professionals. Software engineers are brilliant at designing a good UI and a functional program, but they don’t necessarily know what an occupational health clinic actually needs.

A good software suite should save you time with useful features such as automatic email reminders, note templates, and the ability to interface with the medical equipment you use every day. It should make your OHS team’s life easier, rather than being one more thing they have to do in a busy day at the clinic.


Occupational health can feel like a juggling act, but with the right health clinic software, you can pull it off with ease. We know that your first priority is keeping the employees in your care safe and happy. The fact that you have to keep track of numerous charts, regulations, and safety standards is secondary to being able to be there for your people. OHS software is a way to streamline your process and give you more time for the human side of your work.Enter content here