Got Data on the Brain? So do our Clients!



July 25, 2017

This week I had my first opportunity to spend time with some of our clients discussing their data challenges and initiatives as part of Cority’s Analytics Program Client Advisory Committee

It was a fantastic opportunity to hear from EHSQ professionals about the challenges they are facing and their needs and goals for implementing analytics programs. Among those challenges and needs were:

  • There’s so much data!  There are vast volumes of data within the Cority platform as well as other enterprise solutions and IoT initiatives. Data is often siloed and needs to be cleansed and standardized prior to processing and interpreting. Standardization and cleansing (which includes filling in missing data) present their own challenges, and some companies are looking at partners to help them through this phase.
  • What to action first. With so many metrics and data points, companies are looking for direction in prioritizing which programs will have the greatest impact immediately as well as over the long term.
  • Knowing the risk before it happens. Safety professionals are really excited about the opportunity to safeguard lives using predictive analytics which allow them to move beyond “observation-based” processes to leveraging data beyond their own organization to identifying a risk before it happens.  What is especially of interest is the intersection between leading and lagging indicators as they impact risk.

My colleague uses the analogy of sitting on a gold mine with a small pick as the current state of data analytics adoption. Cority is actively building the infrastructure that mines your gold and combines it with other client and industry data to further safety and sustainability across the globe.

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