European EHS Spotlight Series: Patrick Rano

Patrick Rano
Patrick Rano

As Cority’s international presence continues to grow, we’d like to introduce you to some members of our European team! We’re kicking this series off with Patrick Rano, Cority Sales Executive, who lives in Paris, France.

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I have a Master’s in Economics and Law, with a specialization in computer sciences. I have a long history in IT: from a data warehouse manager in the food sector to presales and then sales for business intelligence and financial tools. About 20 years ago I was introduced to the EHS and GRC industry at SAP. I’m passionate about this sector because it revolves around the safety of workers and environmental risks. I joined Cority 4 years ago and oversee sales in France and French-speaking countries throughout the world.

What’s it like working with French clients and how does your role fit into an international organization?

Working with French clients at Cority allows me to bridge the gap on cultural differences and specific constraints like local regulations, the importance of translations, purchase habits, etc. It’s important to provide feedback from our French clients to Cority’s product team to ensure Cority continues to meet their needs.

As part of an international organization, I play a key role in helping understand the differences between countries like France, Belgium, Switzerland, Morocco, and Africa. Although the differences are sometimes quite narrow, it’s key to address them and to prove that Cority can support organizations no matter the cultural or language barriers.

What are some of the common critical business issues that French organizations have?

The most common critical business issues in France are typically similar to elsewhere in the world. Cost of incidents, consequences of noncompliance, and environmental issues are common themes that often come up in conversations. The burden for France specifically lies within Public administration and workers unions that have precise guidelines on legal reporting. Globally I would say risk management is at the heart of all EHS processes and the monitoring of CAPA. Sustainability is also a key trend that European organizations are moving towards, with several mandatory reports (DPEF, GHG) requiring the collection of qualitative and quantitative data.

“Globally risk management is at the heart of all EHS processes.”

How does Cority support French organizations in addressing their unique business needs?

There are various ways that Cority helps support our French clients. To name a few:

  • Cority is now CNDA certified which allows clients to streamline regulatory injury reporting and support compliance management in France.

  • Our established partnership with VP&White, a local French consultancy with strong competencies in EHS and CSR software, provides clients with an additional level of support.

  • A large French multinational mining company uses myCority for all incident declarations in the Sahara Desert. The offline functionality was a key stand out for their team when selecting Cority. We are also currently working with them to implement stakeholder management to monitor all social actions around mining sites worldwide.

What do you love most about your job?

To discover and understand the specific requirements of international organizations and to work with the Cority team to determine the right solution to meet their needs. My goal is to be a trusted advisor for our clients and to build lasting relationships with them. I love to visit customer’s job sites since it’s a great way to really understand the worker’s risks and the job of EHS managers. This is something I’m looking forward to doing again!

What is one of your biggest accomplishments at Cority?

4 years ago, Cority was nearly unknown in France. When I first joined the company, our goal was focused on developing Cority’s presence in the market with the support of our Marketing team, Solution Engineering, and Product Engineering. It was a strong group effort and I’m proud that Cority is now systemically part of all major RFPs and that we have welcomed some great new clients in France.

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Join Patrick Rano, Vincent Nguyen from VP&White, and Edouard Salathé from Eramet for a live webinar on June 16th, where they’ll discuss how Eramet is leveraging Cority to streamline its risk management program and improve worker safety.