European EHS Spotlight Series: Alex Hardwick

European spotlight

As Cority’s international presence continues to grow, we’d like to introduce you to some members of our European team! In this installment we’re sitting down with Alex Hardwick, Solutions Engineering Manager, located in Sheffield, England. Tell us a bit about yourself: I joined Cority in August 2017 and was the first European-based solutions representative. Back […]

European EHS Spotlight Series: Patrick Rano

Patrick Rano

As Cority’s international presence continues to grow, we’d like to introduce you to some members of our European team! We’re kicking this series off with Patrick Rano, Cority Sales Executive, who lives in Paris, France. Tell us a bit about yourself: I have a Master’s in Economics and Law, with a specialization in computer sciences. […]

Cority Connect 2020 Snapshot

Cority Connect

The numbers keep growing, connections keep strengthening, and knowledge keeps expanding.  Now in its 20th year,  we recently hosted our annual conference, Cority Connect,  in Nashville, TN, marking our biggest year yet! If you’ve never heard of Cority Connect, let me fill you in. The major annual EHSQ industry conference is designed to bring together […]

The Biggest Barriers to EHS Technology Adoption (And How to Overcome Them)

EHS Technology Adoption

  The world of technology is changing rapidly and EHS professionals are embracing the revolution. Every year, more and more companies are leaving behind paper-based and homegrown systems and adopting newer technologies in hopes of mitigating risk, preventing incidents, and improving safety culture. But with that said, even though many EHS professionals are eager to […]

How Environmental Health and Safety Management Software Changes Everything

EHS Management Software

No industry or field can remain static. Change is inevitable. This can sound ominous, but oftentimes change is a good thing. New technology and new thought processes can lead to more efficient ways of working, more job satisfaction, and more benefit to customers or clients. Environmental health and safety management is one area that has […]

Environmental Management System Software for Business -No Matter the Size

Environmental Management System Software

Is your small to medium sized business (SMB) struggling with environmental management? Businesses of every size have to navigate a shifting landscape of environmental compliance, and it can often seem like technological solutions are only achievable for large corporations with generous budgets. Thankfully, there is environmental management system software that is scalable for the needs […]

Environmental Management Software for a Brighter Future

Environmental Management Software

No matter who we are, almost everyone wants the same thing: to leave the world a better place for those who come after us. For some people, it’s about leaving a legacy for their children and grandchildren. For others, it’s about benefitting the community as a whole. Businesses have many opportunities to improve the world […]

Safety Incident Tracking Software You Can Count On

Safety Incident Tracking Software Offers Companies Many Benefits

In a perfect world, you’d never have to deal with an environmental health and safety incident. Unfortunately, even the best risk management and injury prevention plans are vulnerable to unforeseen circumstances and human error. Sometimes, no matter how hard you’ve worked to prevent it, something unfortunate can happen.  When things go wrong, you want to […]