Global EHS Software Implementations: Tips & Tricks from a Professional Services Project Manager

EHS Software Implementations

Embarking on an EHS software implementation can seem overwhelming. Where do you start, how long will it take, how many resources are required? We get it, there’s a lot of questions. That’s why our Professional Services team is with you every step of the way to keep you at ease and ensure your success.

We recently sat down with Cority’s George Al-Maalouf, Senior Project Manager, who’s been with the company for over four years. In his role, he manages Cority’s global implementations and is responsible for maintaining scope and timelines throughout the process. He’s worked with large European clients like Airbus and Siemens to successfully get their EHS programs up and running.

Find out what tips George recommends when embarking on a global EHS software implementation.

Q: What are some of the benefits of a remote EHS software implementation given the COVID-19 pandemic and shutdowns on a global scale?

In the past, implementations would be conducted during workshop sessions with clients that would span three days. In the current climate with more workplace flexibility and no global travel, meetings have been held virtually and are much shorter, meaning clients don’t have to block off three full days in their calendars. Remote implementations offer more flexibility and we end up getting the same amount of work done in a shorter time period. On top of that, these sessions can be recorded for future reference. I’ve completed 16 remote EHS software implementations at this point, so take my word for it!

Q: How can companies best implement Cority on a global scale?

It’s really important to have a dedicated team to address change management. Do your homework before the implementation: assess the situation on the ground, figure out your main pain points for each region, and the critical success factors for each country or region. During your implementation, make sure that the focus is ‘thinking on a macro level, deploying on a micro level.’ The design should be well-thought-out and the deployment one step at a time. We often have clients come back to us a year later saying, ‘let’s simplify this’ so a big tip I can share is to keep configurations as simple as possible.

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Q: What are the challenges with implementing in multiple countries across various jurisdictions and how does Cority work with clients to ensure success?

Without a doubt, the biggest challenge is harmonization across different countries. In some cases, each country has its own siloed processes which can get complicated. When preparing for a global EHS software implementation, try to differentiate between what’s truly a legal requirement versus how you’ve always done things in the past. Focus on the big picture and be willing to step outside of your comfort zone with how you’ve always done things. Additionally, implementing software in countries that speak various languages brings obvious challenges. The focus on languages and translations is key. Don’t underestimate the effort that needs to be put into this aspect of your implementation.

Q: What’s it like working for a global team?

In a nutshell, 2 words: challenging and rewarding. The key is to be open to seeing things from a different perspective, understanding cultural nuances, and being prepared to challenge yourself. This is what I like the most about these EHS software implementations.

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