Empowering Better Together: A Recap of Cority’s Learn & Connect Series

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Tackling EHS challenges alone is a lot like going on a road trip without a map. You’ll reach your destination eventually, but not without spending unnecessary time and effort along the way. It’s why leaning on the knowledge and experience of others who’ve been down the same road before can save you from a lot of unplanned detours, roadblocks, and missed exits. In this blog, we dive into Cority’s new ‘Learn & Connect’ virtual series and explain how this new initiative brings EHS professionals and leaders together to share experiences with a vast network of subject matter experts.

There’s Strength in Numbers

Recognizing the immense value that peer-to-peer learning brings within its EHS software User Community, Cority recently launched ‘Learn & Connect’ – an interactive virtual series that provides new opportunities for EHS professionals and leaders across organizations, regions, and industries to learn from one another. At the core of this initiative lies the recognition that Cority’s customers represent exceptional global organizations with world-class EHS programs. The Learn & Connect sessions act as a way for Cority customers to leverage this vast network of expertise, share best practices with others, and foster a community where our collective knowledge helps propel all organizations toward operational excellence. 

For Cority system administrators, specifically, these sessions also provide unique opportunities to strengthen their knowledge of software implementation best practices, and discover new ideas to support greater user adoption, system performance and overall program sustainability.  Through first-hand customer accounts, practical workflow demonstrations and support from Cority’s technical experts, Learn & Connect attendees gain first-hand knowledge of how other organizations have successfully transformed their EHS performance through technology-and how they can do the same.  

“This [client session] was by far the best representation of Cority’s capabilities that I have come across in the many years I have been a Cority customer.  Thank you for the opportunity to learn from my peers.”

Recapping Learn & Connect Sessions from Q1 2024

For customers unable to attend our most recent sessions from January through March 2024, here’s a brief recap of some of the key topics we explored. 

Similar Exposure Groups (SEG) & Surveillance Management

Speakers from Bausch & Lomb, Huntsman International, and Freeport McMoRan shared examples of how they utilized Cority’s Occupational Health solution to effectively manage their SEG profiles and health surveillance processes.  The session included live demonstrations on how they: 

  • Configure layouts and labels within Cority to standardize and simplify data inputs needed for effective health program surveillance and risk mitigation, 
  • Configure business rules to automate SEG assignments, ensuring the correct individuals are enrolled in applicable SEGs based on their risk profiles or other client criteria, and 
  • Configure views of employee clearance status at-a-glance so Occupational Health professionals can easily identify clearances that are approaching expiry or that are now overdue, helping improve program compliance. 

Industrial Hygiene Risk Assessment

In this session, customer speakers from Dow Chemical and Invista explained how they have optimized their industrial hygiene (IH) risk assessment processes through Cority’s marker-leading solution, including how they: 

  • Easily monitor IH risk assessment data across multiple jobs, locations and business units, 
  • Automate task assignments and simplify corrective & preventative action follow-up arising from risk assessments, 
  • Prioritize IH risks for intervention in order to make the most effective use of time and resources while protecting employee health & wellbeing, 
  • Configure risk assessment layouts to align with corporate processes, industry standards and professional best practices, and 
  • Leverage Cority’s advanced business intelligence tools-including its Bayesian Statistical Analysis capabilities-to increase risk visibility and support prompt decision making.  

Event Reporting & Investigation

Over the course of two sessions, customer presenters from leading global organizations including Ingredion, Aecon Group, Zoetis, Adient, and Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, reviewed how they continue to optimize their incident/event reporting and investigation workflows with Cority, leading to best-in-class results and stronger corporate cultures.  Of the program improvements realized with Cority, they covered how they: 

  • Enable front-line users to log in-field observations and near misses easily from a mobile device using the myCority app, 
  • Configure incident management workflows and layouts based on incident types, severity or other client-defined criteria,  
  • Automate notifications to relevant stakeholders based on other actions in the system for more streamlined, organization-wide communication and learning, 
  • Effectively prioritize, assign, and track risk mitigation actions to prevent future occurrences, and 
  • Utilize data insights curated by Cority to inform their corporate safety campaigns & EHS strategy 

Artificial Intelligence & Predictive Safety

In one of our most thought-provoking sessions, safety professional and AI expert Greg Phillips from Brookfield Properties Development demonstrated how they have successfully integrated Cority with external artificial intelligence (AI) tools to easily categorize reported events and identify priority interventions to reduce serious injuries and fatalities using a predictive risk model. 

Greg mentioned that Cority’s extensive Business Rules engine, and its intuitive myCority mobile app were instrumental in both collecting the data necessary to inform future decisions, but the transform the data via business rules in a manner that could be interpreted by the AI tool. 

Display Rules

Long-standing customers Argonne National Laboratory and PPG engaged their peers in a practical conversation on how they’ve successfully leveraged Cority’s Display Rules feature to reduce complexity and enhance the user experience, leading to greater process compliance and more reliable and repeatable outcomes.  In this session, they shared how they use Display Rules to:    

  • Optimize the use of fields and layouts to reduce users’ cognitive overload and simplify workflow, 
  • Pre-populate fields based on other selections or field entries within a layout, and 
  • Automatically remind/notify users based on other actions occurring within the system 

Up Next

Through the Learn & Connect series, our hope is to cultivate impactful conversations within our community, centered on the EHS topics that our customers care about most. That’s why our upcoming sessions are planned to address the most pressing and timely EHS challenges and trends, ensuring that every discussion is both relevant and valuable for our customers. 

Can’t make it to a live session? Not a problem – all Learn & Connect sessions are recorded and available for current customers through Corty’s User CommunityFor more information and details on upcoming sessions, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager. 

Not an existing customer but want to learn more about how leading global organizations use Cority to drive world-class EHS performance?  Contact us today!