What is a Human-Centered Design Approach in Safety?

In today’s dynamic and fast-paced workplaces, ensuring employee safety and well-being is paramount. As the pursuit of progress, evolving regulations, and growing competition pushes organizations forward at an unparalleled speed, it also brings a slew of safety risks and hazards. As these risks continue to evolve, so too must our approach to managing them.  Enter […]

Leveraging Technology to Build an EHS Training Program that Works

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Recently, I came across a Los Angeles Times article that chronicled the fallout from a chemical spill on the campus of California State University in Sacramento in 2016.1  During that event, five employees were injured after they responded to a spill of an unknown liquid in one of the university’s laboratories.  While the technicians involved […]

3 Essential Elements of a Proactive Office Ergonomics Program

Ergonomics Essentials

Managing ergonomic risk in the office is never as easy as it seems. While there’s a variety of information available to guide smart decisions on optimizing office workstation design, ergonomics professionals will understand the difference between knowing how to proactively eliminate risk and actually putting those ideas into action.  In this article, we’ll review what […]