Cority Receives ChurnZero’s ‘Advocacy Hero Award’ for Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

Cority wins ChurnZero Advocacy Hero Award

ChurnZero is a recognized leader in Customer Success dedicated to helping subscription businesses succeed at scale. For the third year running, annual ChurnHero Awards celebrate Customer Success teams who use ChurnZero to exemplify and evolve CS best practices with remarkable results. Cority is thrilled to receive the Advocacy Hero award for cultivating customer advocates and brand evangelists to drive growth at the 2022 ChurnHero Awards. 

This year’s awards recognize ChurnHeroes across five categories, each representing a fundamental business goal of CS teams: onboarding, adoption, renewals and expansion, customer advocacy, and innovation. Entrants were assessed on a case study of their work by a ChurnZero panel led by Chief Customer Officer Alli Tiscornia. Entries were judged not just on their results, but on criteria including innovation, customer-centricity, and data-driven decision-making.    

“Our NPS campaigns provided limited feedback from customers and limited opportunities to see if our efforts to listen to their feedback impacted their experience in a positive way,” says Simona Barcau, vice president of Customer Success at Cority. “It was very challenging to track trends in customer satisfaction, and all data was kept in separate excel sheets that were not available in any system of record.” 

Cority team began using ChurnZero to launch evergreen NPS campaigns automatically whenever a customer completed a specified milestone or manually via CSM entry. To boost engagement, the team also added a non-profit gifting incentive, with customers able to choose a non-profit organization to which to donate—a gesture that made a significant impact. 

“Our efforts resulted in our NPS improving by 27 points compared to 2021, and by two points compared to the target we set for 2022,” added Simona. “Survey responses to date are 166% of the target for the year and over four times better than the last 10 years’ average. On top of this, our give-back campaign empowered our customers to donate and clean the ocean, plant trees, and reduce our carbon footprint.” 

Learn more about the 2022 annual ChurnHero awards here.