How to Design for Good Usability Within EHS Workflows


We’ve written about usability many times in the past – but in the interest of this article, I’d like to start off with a definition of what we mean by usability;  “Usability is the degree to which a software can be used by specified consumers to achieve quantified objectives with effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction in […]

Are Your EHS Practices Complete Without Proper Quality Management Principles?

What does “quality” really mean?  For many, the term implies something that is well made, made to last, and made to accomplish the goal it was initially created for.  It’s no wonder then why companies regularly embed the theme of “quality” into the products and services they deliver.  Quality is the lifeblood of business.  For […]

EHS Trends Now & Into the Future: The Experts Weigh In

2023 Trends - Ferris Wheel

It is always useful at the end of the calendar year to look back and consider where things are now, how we’ve progressed in the past year, and where improvements can be made in the new year. This can be the case for individuals, organizations, and even the EHS industry as a whole.  Cority’s internal […]

UX, Implementation, & Configurability: What is app ‘usability’?

Front End Usability - woman looking at screen

When you think about the apps you use most often, work-related or in your personal life, the ones you think of most highly will all do one thing; they make whatever goal you’ve set out to achieve easy.  These goals will vary pretty widely, but for example; when you log into your favorite travel booking […]

Why Choose True SaaS over the Alternatives? 

True SaaS

In our previous blog “What is True SaaS and Why Does it Matter to EHS?”, we discussed exactly that: the importance of a true SaaS product and how it benefits EHS professionals when compared to ‘fake SaaS’ (mounting a web portal into a server, that’s hosting on-premise software, in an attempt to simulate cloud benefits), […]

How to Elevate Your EHS Strategy with CorAnalytics

Coranalytics - photo

We recently reviewed how data and analytics can enhance your EHS strategy and just how important it is in the modern EHS workplace. While use cases vary depending on which vertical of EHS your organization operates in, the analysis provided by modern analytics can be seen as a kind of storytelling tool – providing your […]

A Crash Course on Combining Analytics with Flexible and Robust Data Security

Data Analytics - Photo

Whatever industry you’re in, data is fast becoming one of the most valuable assets. It does more than just analyze the past; it acquires, exchanges, and even saves money for companies. In fact, in 2021 alone, the combined cost of global data breaches is set to reach $6 trillion annually. So, we know securing data […]

Enhance Your EHS Strategy With Data

picture - EHS and Data

As the variety and complexity of roles within EHS continue to grow, so will the use cases for robust reporting. The interest in and use of data can bring almost every EHS professional into the fold. The more digitized the world becomes, the more data you’re going to have, and the more things you’re going […]