How Software Can Make Managing Waste Easier

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Properly managing the onsite generation, storage, and disposal of hazardous waste and dangerous goods is a critical requirement for companies that need to maintain compliance. Traditionally, organizations have utilized a combination of spreadsheets, emails, and homegrown solutions to manage their hazardous waste streams. However, with changing regulations, growing operational footprints, staff reductions, and the need to share data across locations, environmental professionals are turning to more comprehensive solutions to meet their needs and reduce the risk of a non-compliance event.   

What is waste management software?

For many environmental professionals, ensuring compliance with waste regulations can be a daunting task. But, having a robust, cloud-based waste solution can help employees streamline processes and provide peace of mind. Waste Management software can help users:

  • Manage returned manifests and receipts,
  • Demonstrate compliance with applicable regulations to internal auditors and regulators,
  • Ensure waste streams are disposed of in a timely manner, and;
  • Eliminate “fire-fighting”.

All of which leaves more time for staff to focus on sustainability goals and activities, including identifying ways to reduce the company’s waste footprint.

Cority’s Waste Management Software helps professionals reduce costs, optimize workflows, maintain compliance, and and improve sustainability performance. An employee at Central Arizona Project perfectly summed up the value of this functionality and said, “What I am most looking forward to with the waste management module is being able to reduce data entry into multiple systems, eliminate the need to maintain multiple spreadsheets, and to generate real time dynamic reports that I can share with my management team”.

Read more about Central Arizona Project and how they digitally transformed their waste management program here.

Key benefits of Cority’s Waste Management solution include:

  • Eliminating spreadsheets, emails, and ineffective homegrown systems
  • Automatic notifications when hazardous waste has been generated and is ready for pick up and storage or disposal
  • Automatically tracking onsite accumulation days
  • Enabling personnel to generate manifests, which can lead to cost savings  
  • Managing internal charge backs or billing for external clients 
  • Maintaining records for reporting to agencies and corporate staff
  • Managing and updating waste profiles
  • Approving waste haulers and disposal facilities

In addition to these features, Cority’s Waste Management Software works across geographies and sectors to reduce the headaches clients face when managing waste streams across multiple facilities. This helps EHS professionals reduce the time it takes to collect information needed for reports, agency audits, internal audits, and stakeholder requests. Which enables workers to focus on other key areas of the business.

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