Making the Business Case for EHS Software

EHS Software Buying Steps

Justifying enterprise software is no easy feat. EHS professionals often struggle to build the business case for new solutions because they lack the data to demonstrate the direct cost savings associated with efficiency gains and process standardization. While Human Resources, Payroll, Finance, and Operations are often given the green light to seek out and implement […]

World Safety Day: 4 Ways to Simplify Your Safety Programs

When it comes to safety management, organizations often find themselves struggling with complexity and uncertainty. With so many regulations and guidelines to follow, it can be challenging to know where to start and how to keep everything in check.  Instead of trying to upgrade your systems to align with the newest ideas, theories, or fads, […]

3 Steps to Reframe and Implement ESG for Sustainability in Modern Healthcare  

“Sustainability” has been a part of the hospital administration lexicon for decades. Indeed, the Association of American Medical Colleges says that the “greening of hospitals” began as early as the 1970s – in the form of basic recycling.   And while environmental efforts are a critical component of sustainability, on the heels of a global pandemic, […]

Optimizing Waste Management and Embracing a Circular Economy

Waste Management Trees - Photo

The idea of a circular economy has become quite the buzzword in recent years–but what exactly does it mean? Let’s break down its benefits and challenges and how chemical and waste management are a key part of the solution.  In our traditional linear economy, products are made, used, and then disposed of. But in a circular […]

What Scalability, Employee Engagement, and Rapid Deployment All Have in Common 

Safety Photo

When an organization recognizes a need for heightened environmental health and safety measures, that realization is often coupled with an urgency that makes it seem like yesterday was the best time to put new measures into place. Whether it’s due to rapid growth, frustration over current processes, or simply owning up to how outdated your […]

Digital Transformation of EHS&S in Hospitals

Photo - Digital Transformation

We partnered with Canam Research to explore trends associated with digital transformation of Environmental Health, Safety, and Sustainability (EHS&S) programs in hospitals. We wanted to know where EHS&S stands with regard to digital transformation, the effectiveness of current systems for managing EHS&S data, which elements of EHS&S are most challenging, and which are most important […]

Four Tips for Sustainability Management

Airplane photo

With sustainability on the rise, it’s no surprise that companies are beginning to advertise their corporate sustainability initiatives and reports to the public. Every company wants to talk about what, how, and when. What they’re currently doing to be more sustainable, how they’re committing to a more sustainable business model, and when they’re going to […]

[INFOGRAPH] The Role of EHS in ESG and Sustainability Programs

EHS professionals have been hearing about Sustainability and ESG programs and initiatives for quite some time now. However, not everyone knows or understands how their work is intertwined and connected to it. In fact, in a 2021 ESG and Sustainability survey conducted by Verdantix and Cority, only 12% of employees indicated that they understood how […]

Tips and Tricks for a More Effective EHS Training Program 

Man Standing - Photo

There is no doubt that companies care a great deal about EHS (Environment, Health & Safety) training. Budgets across EHS categories and company sizes are not only at the higher end of the spectrum but are also increasing year after year, according to recent studies by research firm Verdantix. Even so, as organizations prioritize engagement […]

What is FedRAMP Authorization, and Why Does it Matter?  

FedRAMP Lightblulbs

In August 2022 Cority achieved the Federal Risk Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) Authorized status. This news is exciting not only for Cority but also for the public and government sector entities searching for cloud-based EHS software solutions to transform their EHS initiatives. Read more about the news in the press release.   In order to fully […]