Bayesian Statistics Interface

Cority provides a direct interface to the IH Data Analyst for performing Bayesian statistical analysis on industrial hygiene data. Developed by Exposure Assessment Solutions Inc (EASi), the IH Data Analyst is widely recognized as the industry standard in Bayesian Decision Analysis tools and is used by industrial hygienists all over the world.

The Bayesian statistics interface in Cority’s Industrial Hygiene Suite enables hygienists to:

  • Efficiently perform, evaluate and store Bayesian statistical analysis and maximum likelihood estimation as part of their risk assessments
  • Validate professional judgment about risk exposure to help ensure the best risk decision-making
  • Manage all risk assessments in a single, centralized location

The Bayesian statistics interface is best suited for data sets that have a smaller sample size.

Based on user-defined queries, Bayesian analysis and charts are automatically generated and stored within Cority’s risk assessment module.

The use of Bayesian Decision Analysis is consistent with AIHA’s Exposure Banding Model, the EU Control Banding Model, and Pharmaceutical Control Banding or PB-OEL Models.

Integration Points

The Bayesian statistics interface is available through the Qualitative Exposure Assessment module of Cority’s Industrial Hygiene Software Suite.

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