Transform Your EHS Programs with Analytics

Organizations are increasingly leveraging Business Intelligence and Analytics to identify and monetize patterns in customer buying behavior, predicting future asset longevity, and detecting fraud. Through the use of technology, such as SCADAs, CEMS, mobile devices, sensors, beacons, drones, and other industrial internet of things devices, big data has come to the EHS world.

By leveraging BI and analytical solutions to analyze the massive amount of EHS data that’s now available, EHS professionals can change the conversation with executives, operations, and regulators to be more forward-thinking, less reactive, and more help drive long-term value creation across the company’s operations.

Watch this webinar to learn: 

• The differences between Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Big Data and what they mean for EHS professionals

• Practical examples of how analytics is helping companies transform their EHS programs

• Key trends EHS professionals can take advantage of to elevate their programs beyond environmental compliance